Can we reconise someone by their writing style?

Certainly some authors have a style that is distinctive, a rhythm that is uniquely their own.  Think Wilde, Hemingway, Kerouac.  Or  King, Carey, Amis.

But would I be able to tell if an editor from one of this country’s finest newspapers was to blog anonymously in response to one of my blogs?  If part of the challenge was for him to write in his own quirky style  but use an alias.

I’d like to think I could, but not one hundred percent sure.

Will he take up the challenge?  Will I be able to spot his post?  Am I the only one to be amused by this challenge?  I suspect so. But that’s okay.

I had no idea blogging could be so much fun.


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3 responses to “Can we reconise someone by their writing style?

  1. I think if you are familiar with a group of writers you can tell which one is which from just their writing but I’d be hard pressed to identify someone I had never met simply from a comment written without any other clues. Still, some people believe writing styles are as distinctive as finger prints.
    Thanks for an interesting post.

    • Cassandra Jade, is there a writer you can think of, that you would recognise simply from their style? Perhaps it’s easier with the older writers? Austin for example. But trickier with more contemporary. I remember when my novel was getting edited that the editor commented on a particular habit of mine. She told me not to worry; every writer has quirks. What was interesting was that I hadn’t noticed it myself.

      • Actually, I should mention here, that I have seen a fair bit of this editor’s writing, and feel certain that he won’t be able to hide his sense of humour.

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