What’s kale got to do with writing?

Nothing.  In fact, this post has nothing to do with writing, or kale.  It is simply an invitation to a certain editor to begin blogging.

Look, it’s easy.  If I can do it, anyone can.

Okay, I still can’t work out how to add pictures, and I can’t get sparkly letters like some of the other bloggers have done. I can’t archive the old posts, or change the colour scheme.

But I have discovered how to make hyperlinks and I promise you, there is no better rush than creating a hyperlink.

Here’s one now:  www.kale.com. I did that with no assistance.  There’s a little button with a picture of a chain link on it. Press that and off you go.  Linking everywhere!

What a rush.

So come on, A, sign up, link up. I double dare you.




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2 responses to “What’s kale got to do with writing?

  1. Woohoo! Thanks Lisa! I have no idea how to hyperlink until now…Or the sparkly letter thing but I think that’s overrated!

    • Thanks, Darcie. Glad to be of assistance. Must warn you though, hyperlinking can be addictive.
      But I still really want sparkly letters. Sigh. Anyone know how to do that?

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