Apple vs Pomegranate. King vs Coetzee.

I’ve noticed some pretty passionate posts lately from readers defending the authors they love, especially when it comes to fan writing and genre fiction. Good on  them.  But why should they have to defend their reading tastes?  If some people love apples, what’s wrong with that?

I’m all for being passionate about what is loved.  It makes a life worth living.  But I do have to wonder why people continue to waste so much time criticizing what they dislike.  So you think the pomegranate is a superior fruit. Eat it. Enjoy it. Leave the banana lovers alone.

Ever known anyone who complains about how much they loathe something, whether its a particular author, a show on TV or a piece of music and wondered why they don’t just stop reading, stop watching, and stop listening?  It’s like hating pineapple and forcing yourself to have it for breakfast every morning. Why?

I’m not talking about literary reviews, where intelligent (usually) comments and feedback is given, but the thoughtless, “I just hate it.”

There’s enough books – and fruit – to cater for all tastes.

Let’s celebrate the fact that we’re not all elbowing each other in the ribs to get hold of the latest book from Mr King, or Mr Coetzee. There’s enough for everyone to be happy.

And surely we read because it makes us happy.

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One response to “Apple vs Pomegranate. King vs Coetzee.

  1. Sometimes it’s the apples slinging mud, like Lee Childs claiming he could write a Martin Amis novel in, what was it? Three weeks?
    Two words:
    Prove it.

    “Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb, and the rose grow without thorn”
    Martin Amis

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