Comments needed to create red herrings

My new “Editor Challenge” (to uncover the identity of a famous editor simply by his unique writing style) is not without some flaws, I realise.  Okay, he’s going to do everything in his power to keep his identity secret. I imagine he will blog as a female, perhaps throw in the odd grammatical error to try and throw me off the track. But maybe not.

Perhaps the biggest problem with this challenge so far is that there are very few comments attached to my posts, and half of those are mine.  Given that I don’t have a multiple personality disorder (although, would I know if I had one?) I probably will spot him, simply because he’s the only one commenting on my suddenly sidetracked blog.

So if you have a few minutes to spare please feel free to leave a comment.  Anything.  It can be quick. It can be silly. Anything you like.

Just wondering? Is anyone else supposed to be writing their novel, doing some editing, researching their memoir, dissertation right now and is blogging instead? Do you feel guilty about it?

I will return to work shortly…


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4 responses to “Comments needed to create red herrings

  1. Maribeth

    Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog. Your blogs is fun. I will stop by again.



  2. I schedule in my blogging time. I have approximately twenty minutes left to read and comment on blogs and then I am cut off for a few hours so that I can accomplish some actual writing and the like – I might try eating somewhere in there as well but between the day job and preparation for the day job, writing, and blogging, there isn’t a lot of time left to worry about food.

    • you’re a wise woman, Cassandra Jade. Scheduling in time to blog and time to write the novel is vital if one is to produce any serious writing.
      I’m still new to blogging and having fun. But soon, I have to fix the ending on the new novel.
      Remember how you were talking about killing off characters? I almost bumped one of them off yesterday. But I just can’t do it to her.

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