How do authors celebrate in heaven? Three cheers for J G Farrell

Troubles, by J G Farrell was today announced as the winner of the Lost Man Booker Prize, forty years after it was published.  Due to a change in the rules that year – 1970 – it missed out on the award.

But better late, than never, hey?

I’d like to imagine Mr Farrell (who ascended in 1979), sitting back in his lounge chair with a fine Cuban cigar (I imagine him smoking for some reason) and an expensive cognac, feeling pretty darn good about himself. There will be angels singing, of course, and other dead writers patting him on the back (no nasty rivalry in heaven).  And he’ll be getting very excited about the plot for his latest novel. We won’t get to read it unfortunately .

Not yet, anyway.


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2 responses to “How do authors celebrate in heaven? Three cheers for J G Farrell

  1. I would imagine any recognition for a job well done on heaven or earth is something to be proud of. I hope he is feeling achieved.

    Forty years is a LONG time……but possibly just a blink in heaven time. Who knows?

    No nastiness in heaven, yay! That will be wonderful. I can’t wait.

  2. you’re right; forty years wouldn’t be long in heaven. I’m not certain that time, as we know it, even exists in heaven.

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