My confidence levels have dropped

I thought it would be easy. I thought I’d spot the editor in question’s writing style a mile away. I had been bragging about how easy it was going to be.

But I’ve since discovered that we have been playing this game under a set of very different rules.

His – create a blog (one of the many thousands out there) and see if the writer (me)  can find him. Bloody hell!!
Mine – identify a certain editor out of the comments on this blog. Piece of cake.

So, since seeing the look on my face when I discovered ‘his’ rules, he’s decided to make it a bit easier for me.

Updated rules: He will create a blog (out of the thousands, yep that remains the same) But, very important, he will tell me which two tags he will be hiding in; probably writing and reading? Don’t do politics!!

Not a piece of cake, but not a needle in a haystack challenge  either. Somewhere in the middle.

So, with less confidence than I had yesterday, my search continues…


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2 responses to “My confidence levels have dropped

  1. That really sounds like a needle in a haystack. Can’t wait to find out if you find him.

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