It’s so very crowded here, no one can see us

I know I said that the game was over, and you said you felt exposed, but why not keep on blogging and tell me things that no one knows.

This place is very busy, the room is crowded, and the world doesn’t know, or  doesn’t care, that we’re so very close.

I think you’re safe. I think it’s safe for you to tell me things.

They will be kept secret.

If you are cryptic


Write a poem.

By candlelight.



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2 responses to “It’s so very crowded here, no one can see us

  1. Thank you for the reassurance Milk Fever. I know that I can trust you.
    I shall imagine you in that dress (couldn’t quite find my way through to the link, I’m afraid) and start thinking about candlelight and dripping wax!
    I may even start to imagine that candlelight and dripping wax possibly fall into the previously mentioned category of ‘vice’. What better way to spur the poet into action!

  2. I fixed the link, petal. You simply must see the dress and the candle…


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