The power of restraint

Do we over express ourselves? Has our society lost the art of subtlety? Whether it’s on film, through the arts or life in general there seems to be a ‘more is better’ philosophy in play. We’re overloading our senses, until they grow dull, and need ridiculous amounts of stimulation.

In movies, for example, we get the point, it doesn’t need to hammered into our skulls. In music, we hear you, no need to shout. In books, our imaginations are working; leave a little room for us to create. And in romance (perhaps the hardest place to exercise restraint), we need space to breathe.

My favourite authors show restraint. They hold themselves back at a point when it must have been tempting to let everything fall onto the page.  If  they do let go, after holding back, it is a more powerful point in the book.

I will do my best to be subtle today. Discreet. Restrained. Almost Austen-esque.

As for tomorrow, I can promise nothing; it is simply too far away.


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2 responses to “The power of restraint

  1. I do like a little restraint in story telling – particularly if a point has already been made. I don’t need the same thing said by five different characters to get it.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. You’re welcome. Loving your blog lately, btw. Some great info and suggestions for writers.

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