Cosmic stuff

This is a post I will trash tomorrow; I’m pretty certain of it. And I’ll probably write a new post entitled, “Never drink red wine and blog”, as soon as I sit down in front of the computer in the morning, with a slight headache.  But until then I must express something.

We are more than our bodies, our minds, and our beliefs. We are more than the car we drive, the house we live in, the relationships that cause us so much anguish and joy.

We are, at our core, just energy; little bits of light and sound and swirly stuff. Cosmic stuff.

Anyone reading this might think, big deal lady, what’s this got to do with anything?

Good question. The answer is nothing. It has nothing to do with anything.

Just needed to write it down.

Just needed to state it for the record. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re that suit, that job, that car, even that body. You’re not anything your eyes can see.

You are more.


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8 responses to “Cosmic stuff

  1. Lua

    Don’t trash it…
    It’s beautiful, raw and sincere… And I loved it! 🙂

  2. I agree, don’t trash it…
    When i was a teenager i used to lie in my bed at night and stare up at the stars (i slept in a caravan for much of my teens) and wonder what the hell was up there? Was there a God? Who was I and what did it all mean? How could life on earth have any meaning whatsoever if the universe goes on and on forever and there are countless suns and endless inhabitable planets? I remember deciding that there must be a greater power, if not a God, and that WE must be so much more, and mean so much more, than our mortal bodies and possessions (and caravans).
    It’s funny because 25 years later I think I know possibly even less now than i did then, but that thought that we have a greater meaning than what meets the eye still informs most of what I do and how i behave.
    So, don’t trash it. What you think and feel is important, and ”swirly stuff” is a very cheery phrase…

    • Oh, I know what you mean about feeling like you know less now. But perhaps there is a surrender involved, a knowing that you don’t know, and where earlier that might have been frightening, or frustrating, now it has a sense of peace about it.
      Thanks for expressing it so simply and beautifully.
      x Lisa

  3. The expressions of oneself in a ‘not so perfect’ state keeps it real for the readers and allows them to see the beauty of the human spirit when both inspired and ‘correct’ and in a raw unfiltered state. The statement is beautiful and true, as we raise our consciousness, the world begins to realize that we have so much more to learn.

  4. Always insightful Lisa! Great job!

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