The rules

In writing, there are many rules.  Rules are important, especially in the beginning, and can provide a safe structure for those learning the craft.

Rules are necessary to every art form.  In music, for example, hours are dedicated to scales and arpeggios. In art, shape and form are studied diligently. In dance, correct posture and technique is pressed into the body until it becomes second nature.

But one day, when these rules are absorbed, when they become familiar, they must be tossed aside if something unique is to emerge.

Consider the sound of your writing. Sometimes splitting the infinitive can have a better rhythm.  The odd adjective or adverb can add fullness to the sentence. Fragment sentences are not always evil.  Anything goes really.

The rules are simple: if it works, do it, if not, don’t.


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3 responses to “The rules

  1. Gillian

    Sound piece of advice, Gillian

  2. I’ll abide by the rules! 😀

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