The most important question to ask while visiting earth

Writing can be a very healing, somewhat cathartic experience; hence the popularity of blogging.  We need to get things out of us and down on paper (or on-screen) in order to make sense of them. It’s like the difference between hearing directions to a destination, as opposed to seeing the map laid out before you (if you’re auditory, rather than visual, of course, you may prefer to hear the directions.)

The past twelve months have seen my life change in quite major ways and with these changes a question has been forming in my mind.  I think it’s an important question.

Is the world hostile, or friendly?

The immediate answer most people would give is that the world is both. Sometimes friendly, sometimes not. Perhaps it depends on where you live.  Or  it might change from day-to-day. Sun shining, love blooming, birds singing or planes crashing, lovers leaving, rain pouring.

I’m not talking about people living in abject poverty, or in war zones, or in the midst of a personal tragedy, although even people here have found ways to elevate their consciousness above their cruel circumstances (truly inspiring folk), but those of us who live in a relatively wealthy country, who have fresh water at the turn of the tap, food always available, a place to sleep, friends to confide in. What world do we inhabit?

Let us consider these two worlds for a moment, because they create very different experiences:

The world is hostile. Do we think that everyone is out to get us, that we never get a break, that Life isn’t fair, that no one cares, that it’s not safe to trust anyone, that life is hard, a struggle, one thing after another?

This is a sad place to be. I’ve visited this place many times. I went there during my divorce. I went there when my health declined. When my manuscript got rejected. I wrapped this sad place around my shoulders and dragged it around after me. I experienced a true heaviness of spirit. Everything goes wrong when you believe the world is hostile. Birds still sing, but you don’t hear them. Parking places are still there, but you miss them. Friends still love you, but you might not feel it.

stock photo Left behind

The world is friendly: Do we give and receive smiles easily, appreciate the simple things in life, notice beauty in our surroundings, make time to spend with the people we love, believe that everything happens for a good reason, treat ourselves with kindness and compassion?

This is heaven, this place; it can be worn as easily and lightly as Summer. I visited here after I got sick and tired of the other hostile world. I heard the birds singing, opportunities came to me without trying, I found the car parks, fell in love with everyone I encountered.

stock photo Bunch Of Roses

It started with a decision one day. With the question; is this place hostile or friendly?  I realised that life was a choice I had to make, it was not something that happened randomly to me. I made no conscious external changes (although they occurred without trying) but I did make a huge internal adjustment.  And that made all the difference.

I wish you all a friendly world.


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13 responses to “The most important question to ask while visiting earth

  1. It’s what you make of it. This world is such a great place!

  2. AB

    Great post. I love this line about the hostile world: “I wrapped this sad place around my shoulders and dragged it around after me. I experienced a true heaviness of spirit.” I do this too when I get down, and it’s crushing.

    Thanks for this post. I want to be in love with everyone I meet.

    • Oh, me too. I have moments when I do love everyone I meet. Its a wonderful feeling. I suspect deep down we do in fact love each other very deeply, strangers and all. Thanks, AB.

  3. agatha82

    This is a great blog, and I relate to it because I know exactly how you feel. I too had a tendency of thinking the world was hostile and when I went through my divorce and other bad things a few years ago, I was in a similar state of mind to yours, and like you, I decided that I’d spent way too many years seeing the world in the wrong way, so I also did an internal adjustment and voila, things are so much better!

    • You’re a kindred spirit. Thanks for visiting, Agatha82. Isn’t the world a lovely place when viewed through gentle eyes? Glad to hear you’re in a better place now. Hope every day brings you closer to bliss.

  4. You have inspired me! I shall choose to live in a friendly world from this day forth (even when the tube is delayed and then when it finally arrives you STILL can’t get on because there are so many people on it already and once that one goes they say they have to shut down the line because of a fire alert or something and this only EVER happens at a station where there is NO OTHER LINE to transfer…oh never mind, you get the idea).

    • I have so – mind the gap – been there!! I think that if you try to put a positive spin on everything, even make a joke out of it, life gets easier. Imagining that every day could be your last [and it could be] helps too.
      Gotta love that underground!!

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  6. Lua

    Great post- I love how you debated, confronting opposing ideas and I have to say, I agree with shylockbooks. It is what we make of it; I’ve seen people to whom world treated with nothing but cruelty yet they made great things out of their lives… And I’ve seen some very unhappy people who simply didn’t have any reason to be unhappy…

    • You’re a wise lady, Lua. What makes some people rise above the circumstances of their lives? And others collapse into self pity. I saw an interview on this young boy who lost his arms and one leg in an accident, and yet his spirit was brighter and more radiant than the sun. He was learning to run and play music with prosthetic limbs. Oh, what an angel. And how silly I felt crying over things of no consequence. Really put things into perspective for me.
      This world is full of amazing people.

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