How can you know someone intimately and still get their name wrong? And other notable book launch moments.

The Milk Fever book launch was a day that came wrapped in a pretty box. The forecast was for rain and cold weather but the sun made an appearance, albeit briefly. A huge arrangement of “Secret Admirer” flowers arrived as I was making coffee; working out who sent them was relatively easy as only four people call me “petal”, and the other three fessed up quickly.

I remembered everything I needed to remember, which wasn’t much.

My family and friends took care of everything else, which included, but wasn’t limited to; organising the catering and drinks,  producing huge posters of the book cover and sticking them everywhere, straightening the seams on the back of my stockings, pouring champagne, fixing my nail polish, (because my hands were unsteady}, reminding me not to drink too much, bringing food, loading and unloading boxes of stuff, giving me a guest book for everyone to sign.

There were people doing the money side of book sales, saying kind words, taking photos (which I will post soon}, reminding me not to drink too much, making canapes that looked too good to eat, and yet eaten they were, sending me secret signals to smile, while I was squirming with embarrassment at all the kind words being spoken by the angelic, talented MC.

There was generous praise from a beautiful, warm-hearted, best selling author, an angel singing her latest single, which she subsequently titled “Julia’s Song” after the main character in Milk Fever, floral arrangements that took my breath away. Every copy of the book was sold and orders taken for more.  I was hugged to pieces and loved it.

A perfect day.  Until, a Leo (read; ‘honest’} friend, told me that I’d spelled someone’s surname name wrong in the acknowledgment’s page.  Impossible, I said.  So I marched over to ask my friend if this was true. Yep, he admitted, I got it wrong.

At which point, a Scorpio (read; witty} friend said something that I can’t actually print here, but it was along the lines of, “how can you know someone so intimately, and still get his name wrong?”

That is a good question. But in my defence, I… I…  Okay, there is no defence, I should have checked and double checked.  But if it’s any consolation, there is a copy of Milk Fever out there that has my name spelled wrong. It was a lapse in concentration, a slip of the pen. I wrote Lia, and had to squish in an “S” between the two last letter.  And yes, Lisa is my real name and I’ve been writing it correctly for years.  But we all make mistakes.

The good news is, I stuck to my “two glass limit”, woke up full of sunshine, and received giddy calls from people the next morning who read the book overnight and fell in love with it.

When I first got the good news that my book was going to be published, I couldn’t figure out if that meant I was lucky, or clever. Standing in the room on Saturday with so many generous, warm, smart, funny, loveable people, I realised that it was the former; I am very, very lucky.


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12 responses to “How can you know someone intimately and still get their name wrong? And other notable book launch moments.

  1. It sounds like you had such an exciting, fantastic day! In all your wonderful exhilaration, it’s easy to make a mistake in spelling a name. I think that’s a mistake we’ve all made on at least one occassion.

  2. Thanks for reminding me that we all make mistakes. And fortunately, these guys have a good sense of humour.

  3. Hadassah

    Congratulations!!!! That is fabulous Lisa. I hope this is just the beginning of your story as a highly acclaimed author.

  4. How wonderful, Lisa!! I felt, reading your post, as if I were there in the room myself. No wonder all the copies of your book were sold. Congratulations!!

    As for the slip-ups, everyone has those moments. How we recover from them is the key :-).

    • Thanks Hema, that’s a good way of looking at it. “How we recover…is the key.” Spot on. In fact, that is the difference between a good life and one that’s filled with regrets, I suspect. Thank you. :-
      [I can’t do smiley faces anymore. Sigh. The right bracket has packed it in. But I’m smiling in person.]

  5. Lua

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day Lisa! 🙂 And I’m sure getting all the positive feedback must be the best gift ever…
    The name might be spelled wrong but at least now it has a story (and a blog post) behind it 😉

  6. My heart is filled with joy. You may want to start working on that Acceptance speech. I’m sure awards are waiting in the wings…You can, you have and you have only started.
    Best wishes.

    • Thanks Leticia. I actually prepared a speech and then lost it on the day, so I had to wing it. I found it the next morning in the bag with my boots. Another little slip in an otherwise perfect day.
      I’m really enjoying your wise words lately on your blog!!

  7. Lisa,

    Congrats on your launch and your baby being released into the world. It has legs and will wander into the hands of many adoring readers, I’m sure.
    Party sounds fab.
    Much love.

    • Hey beautiful Kate, thank you so much for the encouragement. Yes, it was a fab party, even with the odd spelling mistake, and losing my speech :-] Wish you’d been there too!!

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