If books are like babies, then blogs are like lovers

I must admit, dear blog, you are definitely exciting to be around. I love spending time with you. You make me laugh.  You’ve made me cry but I forgive you. When I’m with you I see the world through different eyes. You’re full of fun and occasional mischief, you’re intelligent too. I love your sense of humour and appreciate the way you lift my spirits when I’m feeling down.

But you are very addictive.  Aren’t you?  I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you this.  And I sometimes wonder how faithful you are. I suspect you lavish attention on other people when I’m offline.

So, I’ve decided to cut down a little.  No, I couldn’t give you up completely. You know I’m hooked. But the baby is almost due, and the house need cleaning and someone has to do the day to day mundane household chores. And you certainly won’t.

Did you hear me?


You know the saddest thing is; you won’t even know that I’ve gone….




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20 responses to “If books are like babies, then blogs are like lovers

  1. This was a great read. I don’t know that I would have gone with lover. My blog seems more like the demanding, attention seeking two year old who will throw a tantrum if I don’t pay it dutiful attention.

  2. There should always be (and has to be) love before there can be babies. Then all you gotta do is stay loyal and dance with who brung ya.

    Dr. B

    • I like that Dr Tom. “Stay loyal and dance with who brung ya.” Perhaps you could supply the music?

      [Note: my blog spends a lot of time dancing with others.]

  3. I don’t know, Lisa, maybe your blog would miss you. A poor, dear, heartbroken blog it would be.

  4. So true! My blog is also a bit demanding. It flings oatmeal in my face when I fail to feed it. And too, there’s the burping.

    Great post. 🙂

    – Corra

    the victorian heroine

  5. Haha, that was a cute and heart-felt post, Lisa! I have exactly the same relationship with my blog. In fact, I had to cut down from three posts to two a week last month, because I realized that blogging is one of the culprits in slowing down my revision. I’m glad you decided not to stop completely — your readers would be heartbroken!

    • Hi Hema, you have a large family of blogs. I can’t quite get my head around how you manage to cope with them all. But well done!
      Given the choice of blogging or revision, I think blogging would win hands down. I’m in awe of you managing to get it all done. Dare I ask about housework…?

  6. Thanks, Lisa! Blogging is so seductive, I took an almost unacknowledged hiatus from revision because of it for a few weeks. I’m only now trying to be disciplined about it all again. And in reply to your last question: Some things are better left unasked and unanswered ;-).

  7. What a great analogy! This time consuming blog of mine is so demanding, yet so seductive and irresistable. I need to tend to my life, but now my blog is becoming my life. Tell me this my blog love, who’s going to pay the bills if I spend all of my time lavishing over you.

    Tossing It Out

    • Hi Lee, I suspect that our high-maintenance blogs don’t care that we have bills to pay!! There’s always someone else out there willing to spoil them.

  8. Ah! I love this! I think my blog is like a needy best friend. Very demanding… but always there for you to listen to you spill your heart out when you need her most. 🙂


  9. I absolutely love the analogy in the post title… will have to talk to my lover soon! 😉

  10. Awww… too cute! Your post, I mean… a lovely read!
    As for lover-blogs, yes, they are extremely addictive, almost to point of being INEVITABLE !!! 🙂

    Keep ’em coming…
    After all, a blog IS a blogger’s best friend 😉

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