I love libraries

Let us just consider, for a moment, the humble library. It is a place full of books.  That fact alone is enough to secure a place in my heart. But wait, it gets better; not only is this place full of books, but the kind people working in the library will let you take these books home free. As many as you can carry. And I can carry a lot!!  Yes, free.  Grab as many as you like and then take them home.

Or alternatively, flop onto one of their couches and read, read, read, until you escape your body. When you lift your head, you will be surprised to notice, through blurry eyes, that you are not in the middle of a desert, out in space, inside the head of a murderer, you are safe and sound in your local library, surrounded by other book lovers.

And gone are the days of the sour faced, nasty, finger-glued-to-lips librarians frowning at the three-year-old having fun discovering a pop up book, or the old guy laughing in the autobiography section, or the teenagers using the computer to look up something for their Art History project.

These days, they’re friendly, they’re warm, they’re even sexy. Who wouldn’t want to hang out in a library?

So, I’d like to officially offer my love and appreciation of libraries and librarians around the world for sharing the gift of books, and making me feel at home.

Hip hip hooray!!

Which library do you love?

My favourite is Yarra Junction.  I’ll be having a launch there of  Milk Fever on Saturday 10 July at 11am. All very welcome. I warn you though, the librarians here are so gorgeous and friendly you may not want to leave!

* Here is a terrific article. Thanks William. Click here to read.


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49 responses to “I love libraries

  1. I love libraries, too! They are the first place I seek out each time we have moved — before the grocery store or Village Hall. Glen Ellyn, IL., USA has a particularly lovely one. Best to you~

  2. Hi Amanda, I’m the same. Libraries are one of the first things I seek out in a new area.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Libraries are magical places! Although, my local one does have a few of those dreaded stereotypical librarians around, haha.

  4. I looooooooove the library. The library at school is the best place for studying and the library down the street is where I pick up my reads for the summer. Our main city library is like a little haven in our downtown…with a wall of windows to read by.

    Great post!

  5. I love libraries! We have a new one that’s about a mile from my house. I went there last night to pick up some books for me…and went back today for the kids to get books.

    My 4 year old is so used to libraries (borrowing books) that last night, he asked the haircut place if he could borrow their Dr. Seuss book. (Of course, the answer was no).

    Best wishes on your launch!

  6. Lua

    Libraries are these magical places where time stops and the harsh reality of the world stay outside… I love the peace, the joy and the stories they offer! They are some of my favorite places on earth…
    Have fun on your launch Lisa! 🙂

  7. That is so funny. I just went to my library yesterday. I love being surrounded by thousands of books. It makes me feel smarter by just being in their presence. I go to the city of Orlando, Florida, downtown library. It has 4 stories of books and videos. I think I checked out 13 books. I’m feeling pretty ambitious for the next 3 weeks but then again there is a great thing called online renewal.!!

  8. I remember as a child growing up, I hated the quietness but learned to appreciate it so much more now. It is a place where our souls get lost…choices and choices…I forget about time then!! Love your blog:)

    • Thanks buttercup, it’s nice to have you here. I love your phrase, “It is a place where our souls get lost.” How very true. Lovely way of expressing it.

  9. The libary (and even a great little bookstore) are some of my favorite places in the world. It’s amazing how you can just step in there (and step inside another world in a book) and all of your stress just melts away.


  10. Oh, libraries are to writers what kitchens are to cooks. And to readers? Well, the cook might as well climb into the refrigerator. 😉

    – Corra

    The Victorian Heroine

  11. When I was a young girl – I would delight going to the Old Manse Library. It was in a massive victorian home. I would walk up the creaking stairs, curl up in the big red leather chair by the window, and read for the whole afternoon. In my little world it was the greatest place to escape!

  12. Local libraries are one of the greatest gems the world has to offer. I’ve always wanted to build my own just like the one in Beauty and the Beast!

  13. Also, Lisa I just received my ARC of Milk Fever in the mail. Thanks to you and your lovely publicist Ashlea for sending it!

  14. Wow, you are very lucky! My local library is full of curmudgeons, and has not one drop of sexiness! The lighting is bad, and it’s drafty. So I generally head over to any bookstore. I like both Borders and BN, new books are always great. Do you play the game where you imagine reading everything in the library, make an outline in your head of how you’ll spread out all of those thick classics over the years, and then realize that you won’t ever do it, but that you will still try?

    I’m such a book hoar. I want to read EVERYTHING.

    Good luck on the launch! Very exciting. 🙂

    • Ollin, that’s dreadful news. No warm, welcoming couches, no friendly librarians and soothing book vibes. Thank goodness you have your book stores. I especially love the ones that also serve a decent coffee.
      Oh, and yes, I want to read everything. Everything. Everything!!!!

  15. I am so overwhelmed by my options in a library. I could sit among the books for hours simply flicking through the hundreds of books, category by category, looking at the pictures, reading the first few pages…sigh. I like to go to the library with a purpose otherwise I lose myself there.

    • Hi Smander. I know what you mean. It’s like making sure to carry a list when visiting the shops. Although libraries are much nicer places in which to get lost.

  16. Lisa, libraries are my safe places — both to read and to forget about everything else and sit in a corner with my laptop and write away. I seriously don’t know where time goes when I go to a library!

    Good luck with your launch — I’m sure it’ll go well!!

  17. Libraries are amazing. I always get over-excited and borrow about twenty books and then I never have time to read all of them and I’m always late returning them because I think if I just hold on to them while they’re collecting late fees I’ll totally get them read only it never happens.

    I’m like that at buffets as well. I always eat so much, and then I spend the next day curled into the fetal position around my toilet. Late library fees are way better. At least they’re funding more books!

  18. Lisa, I have an award on my blog for you. Drop by and pick it up 🙂

  19. I love libraries. Mine is fabulous. Enjoy your book signing!

  20. Wow — this thread is still going strong! Writers and their libraries…a bunch of happy nerds we are 🙂

  21. Ah! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog… This way I got to read this post – and discover that we’re kindred spirits ^_^. I LOVE libraries too! They’re such amazing places… Full of books, full of words and imagination and information – I love libraries…

    • Lovely to have you, Emily. I really enjoyed your blog and will be back for more visits. All the kindred spirits are finding each other through words. :-]

  22. I love libraries too. I seem to find some sort of comfort in between book shelves. When i discovered my love for reading, i discovered the beauty of a library. Unfortunately from where i come from we don’t have really good public libraries (some cities have libraries but they aren’t updated), so the best are school libraries.

  23. I am a sucker……a lover, a mad-girl when it comes to them! Oh, they’re the ultimate lovelies.

    I love the Hawthorn Library in Melbourne (since it is nearest to my place). The other one in vicinity is the Camberwell Library. Been to either, Lisa? I still have to pay the second one a visit. But hey, now that you are going to be at the Yarra Junction, I might hop in too! I shall let ya know if am there, deary. 🙂


    • I visited the Camberwell library once when I was living in Toorak, a very long time ago; college days. From memory it was lovely. I’ve never been to the Hawthorn branch but if it has your vote it must be worth a visit.
      Let me know if you can make Yarra Junction on the 10 July. It would be great to have a cuppa and a chat. 🙂

  24. Thanks for write this. I am working in a school library, and i love it. I am not the sexy one, but I can tell you I am a warm and helpful one. My favorite library was one in Rhode Island, US. I am hopping to make mine better and 2nd home for the students here.

    • The “warm and helpful” librarian is the most lovable of them all. Well done for making a 2nd home for the students. I’m sure they appreciate your kindness.
      x Lisa

  25. I finally got around to writing a post on why the native Egyptians built the ancient Library at Alexandria, I invite you to read that post. Peace,

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