Slack Blogger Award

There are so many lovely awards out there. And the odd quirky one too. But today I am awarding myself the Slack Blogger Award.

Let’s face it, I deserve this one. I have neglected my online writing lately [although done heaps on the novel]. I am so slack that I am not even going to design the award badge. Nope, I am just going to imagine it.

And instead of giving myself a hard time about it, I will embrace it. Accept my laziness. Because I think we can only change what we don’t fight. Fighting a quality we don’t like only tends to hold it more firmly in place.

So, here’s what I accept about myself today:

1. I have a chocolate addiction. I manage to abstain for long periods but people always seem to offer me some and I can’t say, “no.”

2. I say whatever is on my mind without thinking, but rarely, “no”.

3. Sometimes I unplug the phone and pretend I’m not home.

4. The used teabags occasionally end up in the bin, instead of the compost, especially when it’s nighttime and the compost bin needs emptying and I’m too lazy/scared to go tramping into the garden at night.

There’s more, but I’ll leave it there, because I’m too slack to write them down. And I accept that.

What one flaw will you embrace about yourself today, without judgment, without guilt? Oh, and please feel free to accept the Slack Blogger award if you feel you deserve it.

X Lisa


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39 responses to “Slack Blogger Award

  1. Hi, my name’s Seph (“Hi, Seph…”), and I…

    Oh wait, this isn’t a support group is it?…

    1. Chocolate addiction, no. Chocolate obsession, OH YES.

    2. I tend to have this habit of speaking whatever I think. Isn’t it fun?!?!?!

    3. Uh, nope. But I do have a habit of not answering numbers I don’t know (“Mr. Cabit, this is the New York Times; we were trying to reach you, but I suppose we’ll give the publishing spot to someone else…” NOOOOOOOO—)

    4. Uh…you have a compost bin?

    Here’s my flaw: I lack initiation. But sorry, Lisa, I’m not going to embrace this one…(I don’t want to take the effort, ha ha ha ha ha!!!)

    • Come now, Seph, I know you don’t lack initiation. Far from it. You were the first one to comment on this post. That took initiation, right?
      You created one of the quirkiest awards WordPress has ever seen. That took plenty of I.
      You write about mammoths and wolves.
      You are a non-stop-initiation machine!
      And glad to hear you share my addiction.
      NYT will call back….

      • Thank you for the encouragement Lisa. However, right now, I regret to say that I lack the initiation to reply. Please forgive me, and know that it is not the content of your post I don’t wish to reply to, it is simply the act of typing out an entire reply. Click click, click of the keys can get rather tedious after a while, so with sincerest regrets, I regretfully say that I regret that I can’t reply to your reply.

  2. Now, I am not sure if I can accept the “Slack Blogger” Award.. but i can definitely accept the “Slack” award! 🙂
    – I am downright Lazy! I dunno if it’s good or bad, but that’s how and who I am 🙂
    I am ready to accept a ton of other ‘mis’qualifications too.. but I’ll rest that rest for now..

    By the way, the 3rd point you mentioned, DITTO ! 😉
    Enjoy the award… it’s all ok 🙂

  3. This is a great post. Love the honesty.
    I think chocolate-addiction is the kind where you’re not really supposed to move beyond the first step of admitting you have a problem. I mean, come on. Who’s going to sober up from chocolate if they don’t medically have to, right?

    The phone thing? Wow, that is so not a bad thing. I love not answering the phone! :P.

  4. Lua

    Oh, count me in- I love making confessions and I’ll go with Joseph’s idea…
    Hi, I’m Lua and sometimes, when I feel too tired or lazy, I don’t walk my dogs, I just let them run loose for fifteen minutes then let them in.
    I know, I know… I’m a Slack Dog owner. And I deserve an award! 🙂

    • (In Unison) Hi, Lua.

      I do that with my dog. But I live near a farm (or some place that keeps unspeakable animal byproducts in stock), and sometimes he comes back covered in :-p And then you have to do something about it.


    • Oh, I just did that, a few minutes ago. Instead of taking doggy for a run to the park, I just ran around the back garden with her. The dog seemed to enjoy it though, she said, guiltily.

  5. I am embracing the Slack Blogger Award wholeheartedly, Lisa. When I started blogging, I aimed for two posts per week at a minimum…now I’m looking to do get in one every 10 days. BUT, like you, I’m doing a lot of writing outside of the blog, so that’s a good thing. I accept this award, and thank you kindly for your support~

  6. I’ve actually been keeping up with my blog…but not my novel. Does that count?

    I accept and won’t feel guilt (right now) because I don’t always rinse out jars before recycling, I use plastic grocery bags because I’m too lazy to get the reusable ones out of my car trunk and I haven’t even considered starting a compost bin.

  7. Being scared to go into the garden? That part made me smile.

    I think you don’t deserve this award. C’mon you are working so hard on writing a novel – that is much more important than your online blog (But please don’t leave us high and dry).

    About me,
    I talk too much and act too little. Guilty as can be! AAARGh!

  8. OH BTW I totally deserve the award and I’m the best candidate among all of you. Because I don’t even write outside this blog.

    I was supposed to write for 30 minutes a day. I started the whole project and now…I don’t want to say! 😦

    Great post Lisa!

    • Sweetie, I think you are very diligent blogger. You deserve that award. But don’t give yourself a hard time. Blogging is very, very addictive and I had to use a lot of will power to tear myself away from it and work on the novel. When you’re ready, you’ll get back the the 30 minutes a day schedule.

  9. Definitely not a slack commenter.

    Sign! Third one

    The 3rd point – I would not pickup calls from anyone while I’m home watching a movie (changed after I got a girlfriend)

    Slacking when thinking about all thoughts and reading all comments of a blog post, not making up my mind and commenting again and again and again.

    But I won’t feel guilty, hope you don’t mind 🙂

  10. I feel like I’m slacking when I’m not thinking, breathing, dreaming everything about my books 25/8. Organizing my shoes and clothes…that’s what I slack on the most. But a big hunk of dark chocolate makes me forget all about it. 🙂

    • Hi Rose, you’ve just reminded me of the jumble of clothes and shoes in my wardrobe too. I must get around to sorting it all out – soon.
      Yes, chocolate. That’s the answer.
      X lisa

      • You can have a shoe and clothes organization party—with chocolate as your dessert of choice!
        By the way, I reviewed Milk Fever (finally) on my blog. Drat seasonal allergies and sniffly noses. 🙂

      • Oh, I’m excited and terrified. I’ll go and have a look at the review. My heart is trying to jump out of my chest!

  11. Slack Blogger Award…love it!

  12. I accept that I can’t be everywhere and everything. 🙂

  13. Today I’m going to embrace my tendency to procrastinate…because I’ve found that I work best under pressure, so I just have to plan for that…

    P.S. Can I join this chocolate addicts group?!?

  14. In the spirit of slacking, I am only first reading this blog post today, 3 days later 🙂 As for my present day sloth, it took me hours to get off the sofa and finally get my keester exercising. It’s just that the quilt is so comfy, and the food so delicious…

  15. I humbly accept the Award. Sometimes I feel like I have a lot to write about but I don’t have energy to convert it into readable material. My archive ends up filled with drafts of bodiless subjects…… However this is not the flaw I would like to embrace, I will need more time to think of the perfect one.

  16. Gillian

    If you’re a slack blogger then there is not much help for me and a few other bloggers I know.
    As for flaws, well these are the things that make us all the more interesting and perfection is way over rated.
    Take care, Gillian

    • I have to agree, Gillian. I love people with flaws, they’re far more interesting, especially when they accept their flaws and are honest about them. They always make better characters in books too!

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