I should be writing about writing but life keeps getting in my way

Sometimes I write a post and worry that it doesn’t have much to do with writing, books or reading, which was the reason I started a blog in the first place.

I’ll find myself staring at a post about the colour pink, or fruit, wondering if  should hit the “publish” button or simply trash it, wondering if I’ve gone completely off the track again.

My excuse was life. How can I write about writing, when my heart is broken? Or how can I write about writing when I’m so excited about an epiphany I just experienced about decisions?  Cold Melbourne life had me posting about desert islands.  I had a few weeks happily distracting myself in the search for the mystery editor (at least that kind of was on the literary track}.

But ultimately, I guess writers record life. It’s our job. We can’t help but get tangled up in the mess of life and then feel compelled to express it in some way. We make sense of the world through our words, or at least try to.

And who knows, perhaps life is making us better writers.

I’d like to think so.

[I love reading your blogs. Thank you to the ones who stay on track. Thank you to the ones who wander off.]


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39 responses to “I should be writing about writing but life keeps getting in my way

  1. junebugger

    Life does get in the way of writing! Sometimes I really have nothing to say about my writing and so end up sharing about my day-to-day life. But then…we are sharing about writing in a sense…we’re turning reality into a short story. How we interpret our life might offer an interesting insight to another writing who is trying to write something on that experience….

    ….and I still stop rambling nonesense now.

    Thanks for touching upon the subject I hurt my brain over. I guess I’m not alone…!!

  2. Life is my favorite thing to read about. Fantastical things can be fun for escapism, but mostly I can’t relate. I want to read about how people cope with things that I might face, or go places where I’d like to go, or talk about people I’d like to meet. It’s nice when the writing is real.

    Tossing It Out

    • I must admit I enjoy reading about life too. And a lot of my favourite blogs are ones that write about the intricacies of their day to day life. I’m always learning something from them.

  3. I have this same issue, which is another reason I haven’t been posting as often — I’m always trying to stay on-topic. But, I also enjoy when a little (or a lot) of life creeps into the posts — it makes the person writing them more real in this virtual world.

    • Sometimes there’s nothing non-life to write about. Hmm, not sure that actually made sense.
      Anyway, Amanda, I agree it can be tricky to stay “on-topic”.
      What was it again?

  4. Awww… well expressed there!
    Sometimes I too wonder what exactly do we want to say thru’ our writing… about experiences we’ve had? Never had? Wished to have had? General stuff? Pheww… the possibilities..
    But then it’s okay I guess.. as long as we enjoy writing, and somebody enjoys reading, the cycle’s complete 🙂

    Happy Writing, Lisa!!! (loadsa hugs)

  5. Lisa,

    the best thing about a blog is that you can make it about anything you like. And change your mind a hundred times over. Write whatever you need to write whether that’s about love, fruit or the colour pink, we’ll be reading.


  6. Writing about writing was my intention when I started my blog, but some days are just so redundant- with the same processes, feelings or emotions. I think it’s good to step away and write about life’s happenings. It’s still writing, after all.
    You’ll sort it out 🙂

  7. What we write about never stays on track, how can we?

  8. Once, (shudder) life got in the way of writing for a year. Yeah. I hope that doesn’t happen again for a long time. But I think it’s okay when you wander. Rules are made for normal people to follow, and for writers to break.

    And I think I’m a wanderer too… (So much for weekly “Themes…” :-))

  9. hope that you feel better after writing this,
    letting out is a way to get relief,
    well done job…

  10. Lulu

    I believe life is full of inspirations, but I do write depend on my mood,which is ups and downs sometimes.
    I am not good at telling my own experiences, maybe I just want to be “hidden” to respect my privacy.
    I knew your blog from JP’s interesting blog

    • Hi Lulu. I think being private allows more freedom with expression. I probably hold back a little because I am writing as me, rather than anonymously. Jp’s blog is always very interesting and funny, isn’t it?
      Love yours too.

  11. Lua

    “But ultimately, I guess writers record life. It’s our job.”
    I love this Lisa… This is so true! Whatever you write, I always love reading it whether it is about writing, books or the color pink!
    Life is making us better readers, better writers, better people… I truly believe that 🙂

  12. I completely agree with you that recording your life is writing! My blog started with “words and writing” as the main agenda, but I keep tacking more and more tangents to it all the time. My excuse? Any ‘writing’ is writing with words still :).

    Keep up what you’re doing. Just the fact that so many of us find our way here week in and week out means that you’re doing things right :).

  13. This one resonates so much…I have the exact feelings and you have stated it so well…I love coming here Lisa. Much love my friend x

    • Thank you, sweet Amanda. I love visiting your blog too, especially when I need to be inspired or cheered up a bit. You never fail to make me smile.
      X Lisa

  14. A writer’s job is to observe and record life. And, how can one do so if they aren’t truly out there enjoying life?

    Lovely post.

    • Thanks brownpaperbaggirl. One of the many reasons I adore your blog is your diversity.
      You continue to blog about life in a way that is compelling. I love it.

  15. I think you make an excellent point – writers have to live life in order to be able to write about it. So you’re doing what comes naturally.
    Also, this is YOUR blog. You get to do whatever you want with it! Judging by the 30 comments above mine, I deduce that I’m not the only one who enjoys reading whatever you post, even if it’s not on the subject you think you should be writing about.

  16. I think it’s refreshing when real life is interjected—one, it gives insights into who the blogger is as a person, and two, you are exactly right that life is what makes us better writers, and it’s especially enjoyable to read how a good writer expresses those everyday details. There’s much to learn from that as well. I think if I tried to make every one of my posts a musing about writing, because I’m not to the stage where I can even change it up with an agent/publisher search, etc., as I’m still cranking on a first draft, I would sound like the biggest whiner, no doubt. That’s when I default to my writing prompts. I don’t think they’re necessarily anything of fascination to anyone else, but it’s at least a little more insight into my bizarre psyche if anyone does bother to read them 🙂

    You have a wonderful blog that always engages me, so just keep on doing what you’re doing!

  17. I love making connections to life through writing. No matter what you are writing (or learning for that matter), connecting it to life makes it that much more intriguing. Its how we learn, grow, and connect! Seems like we all agree that you are doing a great job doing what you are doing…so keep on keepin’ on!

    • “No matter what you are writing (or learning for that matter), connecting it to life makes it that much more intriguing”.
      You’ve hit the nail on the head, I think. Yes, it’s all connected in the end, isn’t it?
      Thanks for reminding me.

  18. Look at my blog – I damn well write about everything (Even about computer games). After 2 different blogs, I admitted to myself that I’ll just write anything, until life gives me a clear answer.

    I loved your posts about “Writing”, clearly I was looked at good writing. But it doesn’t really matter, I enjoy reading about your life and your take on things.

    Most of all, I observe and enjoy your clear & simple style of putting out an idea.

    You Rock! Keep churning out stuff

    • Thank you. You’re an angel. I love reading your blog too, especially your male viewpoint on love and relationships, your lovely poetry. It’s inspiring.
      Life is what makes us want to write, and ultimately all we can ever write about is life.
      X Lisa

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