Invent a theory day

Theories are not just the domain of scientists and philosophers, anyone can create one. In fact, I recommend coming up with a spectacular or ridiculous theory every day.

It’s fun. It’s free. And it stimulates your mind and heart to come up with creative ideas for seeing life.

Jpcabit thought my theory on many earths, which I shared on my “50 posts later post”, was a little OTT.

Let me explain it here, in more detail. Deep breath. Thinking cap on.

Right. Here goes: Let’s just say that there are many ways of feeling life. My way is different to your way. Also, we only use a very small percentage of our brains, which really opens up billions of portals just there for other ways of experiencing life. We are basically just energy. And this world is perceived through our senses, which perceive energy. So matter is a bit of an illusion. And really [she’s faltering here…] consider how many varying ways there are of looking at life. Aren’t we just like sophisticated holograms?

Perhaps it’s a dimensional thing.

Okaaaay, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s the exciting thing about some theories, I guess, they only work in your head and then as soon as you share them with someone else you can see that there might be one or two insy-winsy flaws.

But then you can simply think of another one.

So, come up with a theory today. Make it silly. What’s your theory on why men won’t look at the instuctions for IKEA furniture and wonder why they have bolts left over?

Why does the bus arrive when you light a cigarette? As a non-smoker my theory is because some higher power is looking after your health, buddy.

Why do I feel compelled to share ridiculous ideas on my blog….?



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40 responses to “Invent a theory day

  1. I love the idea of invent a theory day!

    Unfortunately Lisa, you didn’t invent yours.
    It’s called solipsism and has been around since about 500bc. (Pick the philosophy student).

    So as crazy as you think you are… you are in very good company! Evolution as a theory has only been around for about 200 years… tell me… who seems crazy now?

    • My first reaction was…oh, no.
      But then I thought, oh, brilliant.
      Actually, I probably need a philosophy student to explain it properly, you know, so others can understand it.

  2. I love coming up with theories for things but my theories are usually quite ridiculous. My theory as to why my computer was on when I thought I turned it off (just yesterday) was that it had gotten lonely and was probably afraid of the dark and so it turned itself back on. More likely I hadn’t turned it off and was just remembering something I’d done the day before, but where is the fun in that.

  3. I am totally with you on the spiritual theory you’ve put up Lisa. 🙂 Talk about energy-beings! But I must admit this is no theory of my own invention, but simply something I’ve been gathering off spiritual books–one of my other interests.


  4. How about this one?

    When you close the refrigerator door, the light stays on. In fact, it turns into a crazy, flashy light show. But the food doesn’t enjoy it…no, it just sits there silently wasting away. In fact, did you know that gnomes come into your fridge when you’re not looking, and move random things to a secret hiding-compartment in the back of the fridge? They put a timer on the item (usually a week or three), and when it goes off, they move it back into plain sight. That is why we are always finding super-crazy-old junk in our refrigerators.

    Shall we move on?

    Okay, so why do the gnomes do this? It is all a secret plot to rule the world, of course. They are in cahoots with the Laundry Gnomes (from Nome, Alaska of course), who are responsible for socks going missing. It is all a ploy, meant to take us off our guard. Some day, the gnomes will try to take the white house!!!!

    Will anybody hear this desperate cry before they google this post and find it!?!?!?!

    • Oh my. I always suspected gnomes might be responsible for missing socks.
      And yes, it all makes sense about the food in the fridge. I have tried many times to determine if the light really went off when I closed the door and now, thanks to your research, Seph, I know for certain that it does not. It does exciting flashy light shows which, naturally, piss off the gnomes.
      Why couldn’t I figure that one out by myself?
      It seems so logical now.

  5. Cuz only YOU think they are ridiculous! 🙂 And you think you like being a sadist! But the fact is, you are NOT a sadist, your ideas sat in my head for quite a while, and made me get some ideas too!
    So…cheers to ideas!! After all, our thoughts are the ONE THING that completely and totally belong to us…right?! 🙂
    Luv ya for your originality, Lisa!! Keep rocking!

    • Um, I hate to break this to you, Kavita, but there is a theory (not mine this time} that postulates that our thoughts aren’t exclusively our own. Oooooohhhh.
      Because right at this very moment you are wondering about how the gnomes (see jpcabits wonderful theory above} get in and out of the fridge. Am I right?
      Yes, I was.
      How spooky is that?
      [Thanks angel for your encouragement.]

  6. “Why do I feel compelled to share ridiculous ideas on my blog….?”
    Because you’re awesome. And that’s not a theory, that’s fact :D.

    Hmm… Ridiculous theory…. Okay, here’s one that I discuss a lot with my mom. My cat was once a gay English gentleman. He wants to be human so badly again – he eats with his paw sometimes; he cooks (takes food, puts in water bowl, mixes around, takes out of water bowl, THEN eats); he lounges wherever there are people in the house – he wants company! He was once a human, and no mistake. Personally, I think he fell afoul of some witch or warlock.

    • Yes, I feel certain you are right about this. I would recommend communicating with him in pussy cat language, which is really just a series of meows and purrs. Don’t worry about grammar, just put a lot of feeling into it.
      Your gay – I’m sensing he used to be in the House of Lords – cat/ gentleman will appreciate your efforts, I’m sure.
      And thank you for your kind support, I feel equal admiration of your wonderful blog.
      X Lisa

  7. Lua

    I love OTT theories! 🙂
    Okay, here’s mine;
    I think my dogs are speaking to each other when I’m not in the room. Like, really speaking, using words and everything and once I come in, they hush and do all those silly things like rolling over and chewing the leg of my chair to convince me that they can’t!
    Give it up you guys- I’m not buying your act! 🙂

    • Haha. Just like I feel the illustrations and characters in the books I am currently reading, or in my own pieces come to life when I am asleep! 😉 What fun, if they invite me too sometime and stop pulling the act when am around!


    • Oh, I totally love that theory, Lua. In fact, I’m certain it’s true and I really want to catch them in the act one day.

      • I’d like to walk in on my characters sometime. But I think they’re too agile creatures to be sneaked-up on…Although that would be SOOO COOOOLLL!!! Just today I wished I could be hanging out with them…(sad face) 😦 Such is the plight of authors in love with their characters…

  8. Have you ever randomly started to sing a song silently in your head or even out loud without having listened to it earlier and then suddenly you hear it on the radio, or out of a house or in a passing car the very next second???? Well here’s my theory on that, I believe that each song gives off some kind of special waves below or above what we can hear with our normal ears. These special waves move along side the normal waves what we can hear. I think that some of these waves vibrate at a certain length that sparks a memory of that song imbedded in your brain through a process physicists call resonance which makes you think of that song and you start singing. So what you call your special power of thinking of a song before you start hearing is actually just a special connection of certain songs with your brain.

    Whew….I have been dying for a chance to explain this theory for years…..

    Thanks switie.

    • Man, that is deep, and actually sounds like it could have some scientific validity.
      Given that our world is vibratory in nature, it makes perfect sense.
      Top marks for coming up with a theory that could be true!
      And for expressing it so eloquently.

      • Naaah, it’s really just a crazy theory that I tried to make real, you inspired me with your mind-twisting, brain-cell-burning paragraph up there, so I said to myself, “why not use this chance” .
        However, if there’s any validity in it then some should confirm asap so that I can go and claim my Award in the science world 🙂

  9. Theory on misplaced keys

    I always put my keys in the same place when I get home, but sometimes (usually on Mondays, when I’m late for work) they keys aren’t there (!!!)

    If I were rational, I’d think that I just put them in a different place, but I think the keys are messing with my mind. They make me contemplate the possibility of losing my mind so I can appreciate the times when I actually have it together. I still don’t know how they got the pantry open and jumped to the middle shelf…

    • LOL….
      Stubborn stubborn keys, they are swift and smart too, they know the right time to mess with you, plus they do it without making a single sound lest you hear them. Stubborn keys.

      • JannaT. Wicked theory. My keys are too frightened of me to play games, but I swear my jewellery runs away from me as soon as I take it off. Sometimes never to return.

  10. interesting theory lisa! And I don’t think it’s a ridiculous idea. I offer many theories on my site all the time, people seem to enjoy them. Unless they’re all lying to me. 😉

  11. Hmm… I sat still for a few minutes after reading your post to see if I can come up with a profound-sounding theory, but couldn’t (all the things around the house that needed my attention kept pinging my brain). So, as interesting as it sounds, I’ll begin the ‘one theory a day’ from tomorrow onwards :-)…

    • I think you may have touched on something interesting with the “pinging”in your brain. That sounds like a wacky theory in the making if ever there was one.
      Good luck with the house work. Mine needs doing too, but I’m in denial about it.

  12. It’s my theory that…one good turn deserves another, so swing on over to my tree where I’ve got a lil’ something for you 🙂

  13. Go pottiness. ( Australian for I love mad people) I love all your theories, especially the ones that make us wonder about reality – are things really as we see them? I don’t think so, but that’s not a new theory. I came up with a new one the other day though.

    The M-theory : it’s my theory of what makes a good novel great. For details have a look at

    • Hey, it’s nice to have you here, tahliaN, especially as you’re sharing a super theory, even better that it is relevant to writing, which is probably what I should be posting about rather than crazy theories. I’ll come over now and have a look.
      X Lisa

  14. fresh and interesting post.
    I wish I have dogs,
    Happy Sunday!


    poetry community information,
    plus Thursday Poets Rally announcement,..


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