Something’s missing, but I don’t know what it is…?

This is going to be one of those posts I’ll wish I never posted. No matter how bad it is though, no matter how silly I feel, I won’t delete it, because I promised Ms Ruby, most sincerely, that I would never ever delete another post. Of course, I could always draft it first, but drafts are boring and for sissies, so no, I’ll take my chances on regret.

Something is missing in my life. There is an emptiness that chocolate wont fill. Nor red wine. I have everything I need for happiness. I really do. And Spring is 14 days away. That always cheers me up. But for some reason, not this week.

Whatever this thing is, it’s also missing from my writing, which strangely enough is about missing things. I can feel it missing in my voice when I chat to friends. It’s missing all the time. But I don’t know what it is.

Perhaps it’s human nature; the need to fill spaces. Handbags. Cupboards. Houses. Minds. All getting crammed with stuff.

Anyone else feeling it? Perhaps it’s got something to do with Saturn moving through an empty part of the sky. Who knows?

At this point I could hit the “Move to Trash” button….

But no, despite this post having nothing to do with writing. I’ll leave it here.

Filling up a little bit of space on the WordPress site. Making one tiny spot less empty.



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50 responses to “Something’s missing, but I don’t know what it is…?

  1. Awww… we all have such days… I am sure you will snap out of it pretty soon…

    I have some awards for you (you will find them at the top of the page)… I hope these cheer you up… 🙂

    Loadsa love coming your way…

  2. First, not drafting! You are brave….I draft – and many times…
    I think we all feel lost, like something is missing, at times. Trust that you will find your way through this – and that perhaps there is something to be learned in those lost moments that will move you forward. Take care of you.

  3. I’m feeling it. Kind of coming out of it, which is good. You’ll come out of it too, I promise!

  4. Maybe you are missing something? Maybe it’s not just a feeling?

    Without God’s love, we are all empty clay pots.

    • I surrendered my heart, body, mind, soul and life to God a few years ago. He knows I’m all his.
      I’m filled with his love, but just not feeling it at the moment.
      Thank you for the beautiful and timely reminder that the big love is what matters.
      Thanks for the great poem too.
      [ah, just kidding.]

  5. Lisa,

    Just remind yourself that ‘this too shall pass’ you may always feel a missing for something, but that feeling will morph into a loving nostalgia. You won’t feel like this always. Spring is nearly here, as you said, give yourself two weeks and watch things shift.
    all my love

  6. Beautiful, Lisa. Don’t ever delete these posts, in fact you should write more of them. I love when bloggers get raw. It’s the only time I can start to see my humanity reflected back at me, and that’s always a wonderful thing.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but yes I do feel something missing. For me it’s a partner in life, it’s a huge gaping hole of a missing thing.

    But what can we do?

    • My wise friend, Ollin. Thank you for your warmth and encouragement. It’s funny, but I gain so much insight from the honest, “raw” blogs, like yours, which continue to find the very heart and centre of things, but I grow nervous expressing my own truth; coward that I am.
      I hope you find a wonderful partner and your life is filled with love, happiness, and more love.

    • Ollin. I totally agree. And I think honesty and openness is the only way we (humans in general) can start to really understand one another and support one another! No deleting, I say!

  7. I call it my void, though mine was present earlier on. It comes and go and I can never put my finger on it. However, mine is rooted in the past and though I can never tell what exactly those missing piece is there.
    But yes, I think it will pass and you’ll just find that missing ‘thing.’ And I’m glad you didn’t “move to trash” this post. 🙂

  8. Lua

    I wonder why we get that feeling; from time to time, without any reasons, I feel like I should be out there searching for something, for something that is missing and much needed. I have no idea what it is and like you, I have all I need to be happy. But this feeling comes and goes and makes me wonder what it is that I’m still looking for…

    I’m so glad you didn’t erase this post Lisa- it’s posts like this one that makes me feel like I’m not the only one who goes through stuff like this…

    • Thanks Lua. It’s nice to know I have company while I’m out there searching. Such beautiful company.

    • carol

      Is it possible that this thing that we cant find, is something that we lost as children, and that now it too late, meaning that the space cannot be filled.
      This is defo one I am going to regret posting, but would be interested to know if anyone understands what I mean because I am not sure that I do.

      • I understand what you mean, but I’d like to think that nothing precious inside ourselves is ever really lost. It may just get hidden under all the years of living.


    help visit a friend is you can…
    Happy Wednesday!
    Hope all is well.

  10. How wise to have the awareness that something is missing for then we know there is something to seek? To await? Wishes for bright blessings.

  11. Hmm. I think that if we never experienced this feeling, we’d never get to really look and examine our lives and see with clearer eyes. Like with all things, it will pass. All we can do is fill our days with us much love, smiles, and sunshine as possible, and accept the stormy days the best that we can.

    • “All we can do is fill our days with us much love, smiles, and sunshine as possible, and accept the stormy days the best that we can.”
      I like that advice. That works for me. Thank you.

  12. I get this feeling, too. When I do, I pray for some kind of sign or direction. If I try too hard to figure it out on my own, I find the feeling gets stronger (kind of like a game we played as children where you try to find a hidden object, directed only by the cues ‘warmer’ or ‘colder’). The only difference is that with the game, I could get my hands on the thing and “win.” In life, it’s just a continuous search with nothing to hold and say, “yes, I got it.”

    Good luck finding whatever is missing 🙂

  13. Gosh this made my stomach tight. I know that empty feeling. I even wrote a poem about it once called…Empty!!!! Not sure if I’ve posted it on my blog yet. If not I’ll be sure to link back to this in thanks for the reminder. Urgh. It can be such a horrible feeling. It can also be an inspiring feeling that leads to some of the most heart wrenching yet beautiful work. All I can say is well done for being brave enough to share. I mean this with all sincerity. I find sometimes when Im feeling down or empty (they can be different emotions) I am too afraid of people’s judgement to admit it, which is silly because then often people don’t realise and they cant help. You make a very valid point about our need to fill things. Perhaps blogging is one of those things. By creating the internet those brilliant inventors created a huge, infinite vast open space that needs to be filled…and sometimes that need to fill vast empty spaces can be maddening. Can I suggest taking a break and focusing on you? This is pretty cliché, sorry…I hope you fill a bit fuller soon.

  14. Very brave of you to post this and not erase it. I think that it’s excellent that you didn’t, because I’m sure so many of us can relate to this post. I know that I definitely can.

    In terms of advice… Well, I don’t know if you want advice, per se, because sometimes we simply need to get our feelings out there, on the page, in writing, and that simple act is helpful in a way. Sometimes advice can be a burden that we don’t want.
    But if you did want any advice? I’d say talk about it. Talk about what you’re missing with people you’re close too, who you love. Many of us have felt this way at some point or another in time, and maybe talking about it (just like writing about it) will help you understand what it is.
    One thing I suggest, though, from my own experience – as hard as it is, try not to focus on it. The more I focused on what was missing, the more the empty space became a huge, gaping black hole that sucked my energy into it. If you focus on doing other things, quite literally making your mind too busy with something else, the hole becomes smaller and easier to manage until you find the thing that will fill it.

    • You’re beautiful, slightly ignorant, and not at all ignorant. Thank you for your advice which I appreciate and need. I think you’re right, about not focusing on it, although I did sit with the feeling on the weekend and realised that it wasn’t quite as scary as I imagined it to be.
      Thank you for reaching out a helping hand.

  15. Maribeth

    Oddly, I know exactly what you are feeling. I think it is acknowledgment for our writing that we are searching for. Writing can be a lonely career and sometimes we beat ourselves up because the praise is not coming which ends up leaving us feel empty.
    I have been there, thought that and pushed through hoping that one day I will be able to fill that space with something worth the wait.


    • Thank you maribeth. You’ve hit a chord with me there. I think ultimately what we all want is to be seen, or heard, or acknowledged in some way. In the end though, it is our own approval we need.
      X Lisa

  16. Hi Milkfever…I felt this missing/empty feeling most of my life. Ran from in into anything that would promise to fill it. A cup of coffee, a glass of wine, checking email, whatever. It’s only lately that I’ve begun to make friends with that emptiness within and realize it’s the place I’ve been seeking my whole life. And to surrender into it more deeply.

    I think most of us have that emptiness, but not everyone is aware of it because we’ve kept it filled with so many things.

    • Yes, yes, you’re right. Falling into that emptiness is a good thing. Because although I love coffee and red wine, it will never come close to filling us up.
      So true.

  17. Michael

    I feel the same way cause I have everything but somethings missing in my life though and I hope we both figure it out because I have everything a great life a great family a pretty good love life and that but something is missing?????

  18. I’m with you there. The more I write, the more I see myself from the outside, the more outside I feel, the colder it all feels. Isn’t that why we write, though? To look and see and feel? Thank you so much for posting this. You made me feel like I wasn’t alone out here! Thankyou thank you.

  19. ramona

    Wow I feel like that all the time just dont no what it is and wish i could find out.

  20. Sephira

    hi. i have also this bad feeling, i always think, look for the answer inside myself..but also in books and internet. I found out some article, it can explain some bad feelings…

    • Hi Sephira, it’s strange, but the feeling I had that something was missing in my life passed. In fact, I’d forgotten all about it. Nothing changed on the outside. It must have been an inner longing. Thanks for the link though. I’ll take a look 🙂

  21. Star

    Hello. It’s weird, i’ve been getting this feeling lately, sometimes i forget about it but then i feel like i had/have something left to do but can’t find what. Do you have any advice? Thanks a lot, i really appreciate.

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