The soundtrack

I had a lot of fun chatting with Robyn Hodge and Bernard Ryan from The Blurb radio  show on Tuesday.

They asked a lot of great questions, but one in particular really stayed with me and required a fair bit of thought.

If Milk Fever had a soundtrack, what would it be?


After some serious thought, this is what I’ve come up with:

For Julia

Rimsky Korsakov – Scheherazade

Visnja – Dishes and Coffee

Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake

For Tom

Cold Play – Yellow

Beatles – Hey Jude

John Mayer – Bigger Than My Body

So, folks, when you consider your work in progress/ novel/ manuscript what soundtrack does it have?



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46 responses to “The soundtrack

  1. I have a piece that I’ve been working on that probably begins classical but has some serious Melissa Etheridge undertones. Fun question!

  2. Hmm…it’s kind of hard for me, I’d probably just write my own. But since I can’t post that, I’ll put up the theme song for my antagonist: Afya — Two Soldiers

  3. This is very interesting… I think I might have something like Enigma (love all of their tracks) or Pink Floyd (High Hopes – The division bell) for my work 🙂

    pick three awards from my post,
    pass them to 1 to 10 blogging friends with whom you believe that they deserve them.
    have fun!
    Take good care.

  5. Agatha82

    What a great question!
    My male character loves Bowie so We are the dead would be one song for sure…got to think of more.

  6. junebugger

    OH!!! This is a GREAT post! Now I want to check out all the songs you’ve listed here. When I find the time I think I’ll write a post inspired by this one of yours

    • junebugger

      Btw, my fav piece on your soundtrack would have to be:

      Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake

      it is such a beautiful, haunting piece. Have you watched Billy Eliot? I totally got the chills when I saw the ballet scene where he “pranced” to Swan Lake. I liked it so much that I went to watch the Swan Lake ballet……which I found disappointing. I prefer the theatre to ballet. Need dialogues.

  7. Lua

    My WIP has a soundtrack- they are all Conor Oberst songs 🙂 I wrote the entire first draft listening to him so that’s no surprise…
    I love Cold Play and yellow is a great song!

    • I know you love Conor! I haven’t heard anything of his, so I’ll have to go and have a listen to him.
      Cold Play is one of my favourite bands, so pretty much anything of theirs is a winner.

  8. I’d definitely write my own.
    It’d be fun

  9. What a great question! I have no idea – my characters are set in such a different place that I can’t think of a soundtrack that I could fit them in, unless it would be some sort of Irish tale-like song.

  10. Great Question! My male charectar would definitely be listening to Bruce Springsteen’s “Magic” album. And my female lead is suffering so I’m thinking Nina Simone and Billy Holiday.

  11. I like to assemble playlists for general thematic purposes and some characters have their own. It helps to develop and recognize each character, I think. Because what sets a person apart and tells you about someone more than their music choices? One character plays the piano and listens to Chopin, while another (male) character has a secret obsession with Lady Gaga. 🙂
    My current project has a lot of Celtic Woman, sprinkled with the Pride & Prejudice (2005) soundtrack, Skillet, Michael Jackson, David Garrett and Enya. Somehow it all works together.
    I love making playlists!

    • You’re a step ahead of me, Rose. I knew a fair bit about my characters, like star sign, food preferences etc, but oddly never extended it to their music tastes, which I think is an essential part of character.
      Top marks for already thinking of it. 🙂
      btw I love the sound of your play list, especially the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack.

  12. How fun! Love your selections.

    My present manuscript’s soundtrack would contain a lot of The Cure and Joy Division variety 🙂

  13. I can totally hear Julia’s husband listening to John Butler Trio or maybe some really bad Bollywood type stuff!

    PS. I’ve cast the role of Julia’s husband in my head as John Corbett (Aidan from SATC) and Tom as Brendan Cowell. Hope that is okay!

    • Oh, yeah, I can just imagine Bryant playing some really shonky Bollywood stuff in his yoga class.
      Now, confession: I don’t watch any television at all, so I have absolutely no idea who you’re talking about. I will go now and find pics of John Corbett and Brendan Cowell.
      Very relevant as Shylock books asked me recently who I would cast as these characters, and your suggestions may fit better than mine (in fact I’m sure they will).
      The only actor I knew without doubt that I wanted was ioan gruffudd. He doesn’t actually fit any of the characters but I am severely in love/lust with him, so would need him on set for aesthetic purposes.

      • Awwww yeah he’s super cute! He would make a nice Tom, if we made him a bit more fragile and beautifully broken.

        You’ve never watched Sex at the City (SATC)??? I’m not sure if we can be friends anymore….

        Maybe we could have (we??? like I wrote the book or something…?) Dame Judy Dench as Tom’s mum.

        As for Julia, that’s a challenge. The only person I really see as her – is you. Is that weird? Or possibly, possibly Asher Keddie but she shits me.

      • Hah, you should get a career in casting, Miss Ruby.
        So, absolutely yes, 100% to John Corbett. He is how I would imagine Bryant to look.
        But I think Brendan Cowell isn’t quite gorgeous enough for Tom. He’s almost there.
        Any one else in mind?

  14. Well of course I’ve watched SATC. What kind of woman do you take me for. I haven’t watched the latest movie though. Everyone warned me away from that.
    But yes, as soon as I googled the casting list I realised I did recognise them.
    I suppose I could play Julia. Yes, I think I could, especially if Ioan was Tom. Not that I’d be able to concentrate. I think I’d have to re-write the novel so there was lots of sex. What do you think? Do you want to play Summer? I’ll cast a good looking Charlie for you to play with….
    Not Dame Judy though, not unless she lost a fair bit of weight. I always saw Tom’s mum as really thin.

    • Hmmm… yes I DID identify with Summer a bit… but she also reminded me of Marilyn from Home and Away! I would like Ed Burns as my Charlie purrlease.

      That’s strange that you saw Tom’s mum is thin, I pictured her as bosomy old school farmer’s wife, complete with moo-moo dress and bulldog jowls…

      • That is so weird. Did you really imagine Tom’s mum like that? Hmmmm, this just proves my theory that the story is created in the reader’s mind. I’m blown away by that. And if memory serves me right, I didn’t actually go into a lot of detail with Virginia’s description so it’s understandable that you created an image to suit the personality.
        And yes, sweetie, you can have Ed Burns. He’s not quite how I imagined Charlie, but for you, angel, I’m willing to make some adjustments. Also, the great thing about playing Summer is you get to flash a fair bit of cleavage.
        And I can spend long dreamy days, and nights, staring at Ioan Gruffudd. Sigh.

  15. Wow, you were on a radio show? How cool!

    Hmm… I guess I don’t think like many others in this respect — I never attributed a soundtrack for my ms. Now, ask me about setting (as in for a movie based on my ms)? Now, you’re talking!! 🙂

  16. good for you.
    have a smiling day!

  17. Anything van Morrison…there are so many others!! I don’t think I could ever live without music in my life. Also went to see Swan Lake in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago….and plays in my head forever. Much love Lisa xx

    • Music is as necessary as oxygen as far as I’m concerned. And you’re right, there is so much good stuff out there. Swan Lake is heavenly; gives me chills just thinking about it.

  18. New wave, punk, lots of synths- because they sound futuristic

  19. An interesting concept. Ill have to give this some thought.

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