Sunshine and getting tagged.

It didn’t matter that it was raining this morning (Spring, you missed your cue}. Didn’t matter that the dishes from last night were still waiting for me on the sink, or that the dog put her muddy paw prints all over the floor.

Because inside, I’m sunshine.

And no amount of rainclouds or mud will dampen my spirits today.

Also, the lovely Leslie from Coffee, Pearls and Grace tagged me with some questions:

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

To turn water into wine. Or coal into diamonds. Basically to transform objects. Hey, I’d be a transformer, without the clunky wheels and butch engines though.

Who is your style icon?

Probably Cate Blanchett. I love her elegance and simple style of beauty.

What is your favorite quote?

I have hundreds of them. But recently: “For whatsoever from one place doth fall, Is with the tide unto an other brought: For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.” — Edmund Spenser

What is the best compliment you ever received?

I can’t really think of anything specific. But someone recently emailed me to tell me that Milk Fever was their all time favourite book. That gave me a very warm glow inside.

What playlist/CD is in your CD player/playing right now?

Maxwell – Black summers night is my current favourite.

Are you a night owl or morning person?

Night owl. Definitely. Although due to the weekly school run, I can’t stay up as late as I’d like to anymore. So I have been forced into a better balance. Left to my natural rhythm though, I’d go to bed at 3 and wake up at 11. Lovely.

Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Can’t I have one of each? No? Well, in that case, dogs. Cats don’t need me anyway.

What is the meaning behind your blog name.

It’s the title of my debut novel, Milk Fever. The condition is something cows get when birthing and calcium levels in the blood drop dangerously low. It makes an appearance in the book.
So, now  I need to nominate two other bloggers to tag.

1. shylockbooks.

2. jpcabit.

Enjoy your inner sunshine folks.



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32 responses to “Sunshine and getting tagged.

  1. Interesting list Lisa! 😉

    Lol and I like your idea of a “superpower”.


  2. “Cats don’t need me anyway.” Ha, ha…that’s so true.

    Aren’t you a transformer already in a way? I mean, I’m sure your writing has transformed people (or at least inspired them in some way.)

  3. Hmmm, superpowers: I would definitely want strength. We’re talkin’ Superman “I-can-lift-a-jet-plane” strength, so that I wouldn’t always have to walk home on a well lit path.

  4. I like the interview. It gives us a better perspective on you.

  5. Agatha82

    Great answers and I never knew that about cows and you picked a great superpower, I liked that a lot.
    Over in the UK, Autumn is showing its face and will be here in a couple of days.

    • Oh, you poor thing. Autumn in the UK used to get me down a bit – so cold. But it’s the perfect time to get stuck into writing. Not so many distractions, and that natural turning inward during the colder months helps with creativity too.

  6. I love learning more about my blogging friends. Thanks for sharing tidbits about yourself, Lisa! 🙂

  7. So wonderful reading more about you dear Lisa xxx

  8. That’s the most creative superpower I’ve come across yet. Way to be original!!

  9. coffeepearlsgrace

    I love your superpower! I could use that one, especially when I’m missing that one article of clothing that would make my outfit just perfect (happens every day)! Oh, and I think I could operate very well on your natural schedule. Too bad other stuff gets in the way. Thanks for mentioning me in your introduction! 🙂 I enjoyed reading your answers.

  10. Inner sunshine…

    Love it! 🙂

  11. I like how you put it that cats don’t need you. I like both, but I chose cats….but i think you got it right about cats. Oh and i think that super power is a great one. Quite original. 🙂

    • Well, I do think my cat needs me, you know, for dinner and the odd cuddle, but he would hate anyone to know this. He likes to think he’s way too cool for humans. My dog, however, loves with such passion and enthusiasm and tells me constantly, with her eyes and tail, how much she needs me. And it’s nice to be needed.

  12. This is cool.
    i like your answers

  13. Sharmon Gazaway

    Oooo, love your quote! That is what Col. Brandon reads to Marianne in “Sense and Sensibility” and now I know where it’s from. I could listen to him read all day…that English accent.
    Great answers! Now I’m off to put the quote on my corkboard; thanks.

  14. I’m glad you’re feeling well, my friend! Keep the sunshine on yo’ face. 😉

    {eh, sorry, reference to a richard pryor joke}

  15. What a great way to share a bit of yourself with your readers… it would be so cool to be able to transform things (though I’d be transforming things into chocolate myself : ) ).

    Thanks for this!

  16. Goodness! I didn’t even know I was tagged! 🙂 Oooh, now I’ve got to think… Thanks Lisa!

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