Thank you – I have enough now

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I love the lights, the decorated trees, the food, the giving and sharing, the sparkly cards. I’ll be out there Christmas Eve, in the back garden marking out the landing strip for the reindeer. Water and carrots for those hard working little darlings. Glass of milk and a piece of cake for Santa.I’ll spend hours in the shops trying to find nice presents for those I love.

But as I look around my house, and in my wardrobes full of shoes and dresses, at all the books, and appliances, and…well, stuff. I know that I have enough now, maybe not as much as my neighbour, or best friend, or the lady in line next to me at the supermarket. But I certainly have enough for me.

I’m grateful. I know I’m blessed.

And now that I have enough I realise that it’s time to give.

Give to those close to home and those far away.

Because there is a special joy in giving that receiving can’t touch.

The Joy of Giving

What simple things at Christmas time bring you the most joy?

For me, it’s that quiet part of Christmas Eve, after the church service, back home, with my son sleeping soundly, the gifts wrapped and under the tree, the dog curled up on her bed. A deep peace fills me then.

I wish everyone love in abundance. And I pray that, one day soon, every person on this precious planet will have enough.




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14 responses to “Thank you – I have enough now

  1. I can agree with what you’re saying here. I’ve been trying to get rid of stuff. I have too much already. I’d prefer good times and the company of loved ones.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Me too, Lee. I’ve discovered that the more stuff I get rid of, the more comes in to replace it.
    And I’m with you: “good times and the company of loved ones” can’t be beat.

  3. Beautiful post. I concur.

    Enough frivolous spending just to fill the stockings of people who already have enough. This year, I’m giving to the planet ~ by planting trees.

  4. So true. There is a joy in sharing. I reckon it’s been a theme of the day–everywhere I g I’m being shown this message! What more, I wrote about it myself yesterday. I appreciate your love of sharing, Lisa, and wish you great luck in all such endeavours.


    • Lots of luck and sharing back to you, BrownEyedMystic. There is a lovely sense of connection at the moment, don’t you think? A shared sentiment of peace and generosity, hence the number of similar themed blogs, I guess.
      We must be heading in the right direction – at last.

  5. Bravo. I love that silent moment at the end of the service myself, the quiet of the newly fallen snow, sharing moments with friends instead of giving gifts they may/may not need/like. Well done.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. I am SOOOOO glad I stumbled on you through Nancy’s blog (Spirit Lights the Way!” I’ll be back and often. Earlier in the Advent season, I made several posts about “the Advent Conspiracy.” In light of this post, I believe you will find them interesting! Here’s the link to one of the first ones:

    Cheers and thanks for this lovely post, and a terrific blog read!

  7. I agree Lisa. I think we should just limit one gift per person each christmas if any of all. I think giving is the best think we can gift ourselves and others. Plus, who needs one holiday to gift ourselves and others with something special? Why not do it whenever the feeling comes to us.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    • Absolutely, Ollin, I agree. Give whenever you feel like it. No point in just waiting for Christmas.
      A very happy Christmas to you and those you love, my friend. Look forward to more of your terrific blogging in 2011.
      x Lisa

  8. Hi, Lisa — Lovely thoughts!

    As, I’m currently running around in panic mode, I can completely relate. The quiet, peaceful moments…that’s what I’m looking for (and forward to) right now. Family is all need.

    All the best to you and your family.

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