Does anyone know what we’re doing here?

Because I have no idea.

Not that it’s a bad thing.

Just strange.

When you think about it.


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71 responses to “Does anyone know what we’re doing here?

  1. We’re here on a journey. Oh and we tend to become forgetful at times about it. But it’s a wonder, a creation unlike any other.

    And yet, as I say this, I have no idea why we’re here. Does any of you know why? 😉


  2. A journey, yes, that makes sense.
    Although I can’t remember signing up for it…?
    It must have been a very long time ago.

  3. Keep guessing. Lol

    I’m having fun and trying to build a platform. One down, one to go. 🙂

  4. OOOOOOH!!!! You mean THAT kind of why-are-we-here?

    I believe you will find that in a black book with the words “HOLY BIBLE” on the cover.

    • I’ve read the good book a few times, but it’s still a bit of a riddle. I get that God created us, but why?
      Might I just express here, for the record, that I feel no apathy about this topic, you know, how some people are, ‘what’s the point of anything – sigh’ that can have a depressive edge to it. No, I’m just curious, is all.

      • If I may…

        God created Man & Woman as a shadow of Christ and the Church. So, it can be assumed that, if you’re in the Church, your purpose in life is to eventually be joined in a sort of marriage to God (Crack open that Bible and read about the Marriage Supper of the Lamb).

        And as for mankind in general, I would say that we’re here to be God’s representatives on earth. I mean, after all, we are made in his image and carry dominion here over the animals etc.

        Hope that helps a little. 🙂

      • If God (as you’ve personified “him”) exists . . . why would “he” want us to represent “him”?

        And if “he” wanted mankind to represent “him,” why give mankind free will . . . knowing we would screw everything up?

        Why not just send a few Christ-like beings down and leave “sinners” out of the equation entirely?

      • I can’t claim to know everything. There are still some questions for when I get to heaven. But here’s my take on the deal:

        Let’s take the Man & Woman analogy I mentioned earlier. If I wanted a something to love me, what would love me more? A robot that says “I love you,” every hour on the hour, regardless of personal opinion, or a creature who can decide whether it wants to love me or not?

        As for the “BIG WHY,” In my view, it is all part of a huge plan, that he’s seen from beginning to end. (Genesis to Revelation.)

        That clear some things up?


  5. This post is exactly what my BFF and I have been discussing for the past two days ~ the why for mankind eludes me.

    I can’t think of any way that we’ve advanced the ball for the planet and its other inhabitants. If we’ve made our lives “better,” we’ve done so at the expense of everything else.

    The water, the air, the earth, the trees, the birds, the bees, and all manner of flora and fauna fared better before we arrived.

    Maybe the Universe wanted an audience to applaud its creation?

    Maybe it’s a huge ant farm and we’re the ants?

  6. Does anyone know what I’m doing here?
    I keep a diary, to make it clear.
    What I’ve done in the past is my history,
    What I’m doing NOW, is a mystery!.

    (Guess I will find out tomorrow,
    Hope finding out brings me no sorrow.)

    Lisa – put THAT bad poem in your pipe and smoke it! 😀

    • Paula, you’re a bit of a champion with this poetry. I think I’ll have to add that one into the Bad Poetry Hall of Delight.
      Well done. 🙂

      • Don’t kid yourself, you are a brilliant poet, judging from what I read of yours!!!

      • Thanks, Lisa – speaking of bad poetry (mine of course),check out today’s post! Insomnia does strange things to my mind!

        BTW, if J.P. Cabit’s comment below is in reference to my poetry, than THANK YOU, but honestly – you must be nuts! 😀

      • Of course it was directed toward you, we all Lisa is a terrible poet!!! 😀 (and that’s a compliment!) lol

      • And to think, J.P. – all that’s required to earn that honor is to crank out that drivel. If you ever need a stupid limerick about a friend, family member or co-worker, just send me the name and what occasion it’s for! I’ll send a scrap of nonsense poetry back to you!I’ve been turning out this crap since I was 8 years old! (That was a LONG time ago!) 😛

  7. Jillian

    Looking for something. But I haven’t figured out what, yet.

  8. I don’t know. There are mornings when I’m late for work and I search all over the house for my keys…and then I finally find them right in front of me – that’s what I feel like sometimes with life in general. I wonder if I should be able to see where I’m going and why? A sign would be nice 🙂

  9. We are here to keep the monkeys company. lol
    Just kidding.
    Evolution i suppose.
    How can life continue if the link in the chain breaks.

    • But evolution is such a cold theory, don’t you think. Although, you’re probably right. I’d like a little more passion in a theory. So why evolution? Apart from keeping the monkeys entertained, of course?

      • Ah, well i’m not attacking religion at all.
        I was raised with the church and broke away as soon as i could.
        Its not in me to be a follower of any kind.
        Particularly to something i cannot see
        Evolution, well we see it everyday, every time we walk out of our front door.
        It’s based on facts we can see.
        And sure scientists change the facts every once in a while but the general rules stay constant.
        It is a bit dull to think that the only purpose we have is to continue the species.
        But stripped down bare, we are born, we grow, we partner up produce offspring, raise the offspring, they partner while we grow old and eventually die.
        Such a bleak view but i do tend to see the glass as half empty. lol
        Culture and history in my view is where meaning in life is found.
        The footprint that we leave behind.
        I feel sure that many thousands of years ago, before recorded history the first footprints that led to all modern religions were set down.

    • [I hope this reply goes in the right spot]

      You know, this resonates with me: “Culture and history in my view is where meaning in life is found. The footprint that we leave behind.”

      For any person drawn to the arts and expression this must surely be a purpose for being here.

      Thanks for that.

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  11. Keep Your Woman

    Great question… and some great answers. Beyond the biology though, we’ve been granted the great gifts of thought, feeling, emotions, what some call the soul… and the even GREATER ability to THINK about our THOUGHTS.

    My simple take is that it’s all about Purpose. Finding it, and defining it. Once you find it, you have the building blocks on which to conquer your life and help those around you better theirs. It’s a goal. An outline on which to guage yourself and your self-worth. It’s confidence in it’s rawest form. Knowing what you want out of your life and getting it. Each person is an individual, and has their own, unique purpose – whether or not they’ve found it or realize it yet is up to them…

    • Yes, I do think it’s an individual thing. And perhaps those who are happiest are the ones who have found their “unique purpose”.
      Not just job choice, or marriage partner, but something deeper.
      I’m trying to think what my purpose is……
      It’s got something to do with love, I suspect.

  12. Life is here to live it. It’s that simple, and the journey is coming back–again and again–to that simple answer.

  13. WOW, these are some pretty deep conversations for the blogosphere!!!

    The Blogosphere
    What is it but
    A blogozephyr?
    A wind in the net?
    A bat in my ear?
    A wisp in the air
    From a Dandelion from the ground of green
    Of summerness?

  14. Oh dewrder to the highest, my friend.
    JP, you need to stop depriving the public and get these amazing poems into print.
    I haven’t been able to work out if they’re leaving the land of bad and sailing into more brilliant waters. Hmmm, it’s a hard call.
    Brilliant. Bad. Brilliant. Bad.


    • I think that’s the whole art to bad poetry…make it terrible while brilliant at the same time. Kind of like a mad scientist.

      I was thinking about publishing an anthology of bad poetry…you think a good idea? It would be fun, like a coffee table book.

      • Please do it, JP. All silliness aside, I really do think you have an incredible talent for it. Bad poetry is so much harder to write than mediocre or even good poetry. Seriously, I struggle with it. I can’t get the balance right. Walking that fine line between brilliant and bad is… well, bloody hard.
        You know what? You could illustrate this book with bad art. You know the kind of stuff that you can’t tell if it’s terrible or not.
        Pleeeeeease just do it.
        And let me know if I can do anything to help.

      • I actually am REALLY liking this idea. 🙂 Like, really REALLY liking it.

        So I started writing it, it’s called DEWRDER, quite appropriately. I’ve got only about four poems in it…just wrote a poem today called “FLAMES FROM A ROCKET SHIP,” and it’s pretty bad. Or pretty good. I guess there’s that fine line you’re talking about. 🙂

        So, yes, I’m getting on board with this bad anthology thing.

        Anything you can do to help? Well, seeing as you’re a published authoress (unlike ME! :D), I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to endorse my work when it comes time to submit the manuscript, would it? 🙂

        Thanks for the inspiration!

      • Consider the endorsement already done!! And I’ll let my publisher know about it when you’re ready. Blimey, I’m really excited about this, JP. Now get cracking before some other bright-spark-crap-poet beats you to it.

  15. I’d LOVE to be in on that too! I have tons of bad poetry I’ve churned out over the years, but I am afraid it might not be good (enough) bad. How about a coffee table book of “mediocre” poetry?

    A salute to the mundane and the mediocre
    Prevalent in the arts
    As benign as a game of penny-ante poker
    A refuge for dilettantes and lonely hearts.

    • *Shaking head & grinning* (^_^)

      bad poetry is vogue!!!!

      Two poems for this idea!!!


      It started as a blogging post
      Posted on a blog
      Milk Fever was the illustrious
      Name for this posted-upon blog.

      It started as a comment war
      It started as a fling,
      And now it just might become a book
      To be released
      In the spring
      Of 2012
      Or 2011
      Or whatever comes first
      I mean whatever comes at the most appropriate
      Oh, I think I hear my pager…

      • Oh, ow, ow, my stomach is hurting from laughing too much. My son thinks I’m insane. “What’s so FUNNY mum??!!”
        Now, remember you also have those brilliant poems on my bad poets’ page too. Must include those gems.

      • I’ve already got Island of Drea,s down in my book.

        Wrote a few last night called, “Silence Speaks,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Are You Done Yet?!?! >:-(” They’re pretty awesome. 🙂

        Well, then, I’ll get on top of it! This looks like it’s going to be pretty AWESOME! 😀

    • We can sell them as a pair of coffee table books! Publishers go for that kind of thing, eh what?

    • I’m cracking the motivational whip in your direction too, Paula. Pen to paper, my dear blogging friend. Pen to paper.
      [These days it’s more likely to be ‘fingers to keyboard’, isn’t it? But it just doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘pen to paper’ so I can’t use it. Sorry.]

      • Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard,
        It’s all the same to me
        I only have one had that writes, and that one illegibly!
        And when this righty with left hand types
        You wouldn’t believe the typos
        Every word from “aminal” to “zrbea”
        I immediately must wipe. Oh!
        What, oh what is a bad poet to do?
        Change the words from “ape” to “zoo?”
        I am more likely to get three-lettered words right
        But that would lal depend on my skill dna my eyesight.
        So wish me good fortune in my mediocre endeavor
        I’ll try, how I’ll try! to be witty and clever.
        And if I am lucky I’ll be REALLY bad
        And if I am not – well, failure makes me sad.
        That’s true.
        I’m done now, good grief!
        (Whew! What a relief!)

      • Lol, Paula, your poem made me laugh, thanks! 😀

        You’re too good to be a bad poet! 🙂

  16. Yeah, be careful Paula, or else you’ll be too good for your own good. You know what I love about this bad poetry, it makes me happy. Thanks guys.

    • Too good for her own good, eh? Lol…there’s a bad poem in there somewhere…

      …I bite my tongue. I’ll leave some of this to you other poets…

    • Dear oh dear! I’m afraid you two hve spent so long aound bad poetry that you’ve forgotten what good poetry is! Open your Robert Frost, e.e.cummings, Emily Dickinson, William Carlos Williams anthologies – and scores of others. Read a few, and then come back and read some of my schlock! I’ll move to the top of the bad list! 😀

        You’re probably right. 🙂
        I suppose when you’re knee-deep in sludge, mud looks pretty good, eh?

        BTW, this just may very well be one of the only places where bad poets can come to get a pat on the back for their excellence in inexcellence…

      • Seeing as this is, at present, comment #56 to the original post, perhaps we should start a new blog that covers our back and forth bad poetry banter. We could call it “Indigestion,” or “Colic,” or some such. . .

      • Lol. This post has a million comments. 😀

      • Yes, thanks for the reminder, I’m a big Frost fan. Lord, there are so many brilliant poets out there. But I doubt even those guys could write as well/bad/ouch as you two do.

  17. Lisa, you read my mind. We are here to learn, I think.

  18. Lol. it’s like poetry central here.
    I enjoyed reading them all

  19. so perhaps we stop thinking and just be.

  20. Hmm… I mull over it occasionally, but stop when the thought process threatens to spin me out of orbit. 🙂

    Happy New Year, Lisa!

  21. I think that we aren’t really supposed to know what we are doing here, only that we are here and we should spread a little light on the way to wherever we’re going.

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