Ah, spring, how I love thee.


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9 responses to “Ah, spring, how I love thee.

  1. It’s nice to see you’re still around, Lisa! 😀

    • Hi JP. It’s good to be back. Are you still writing the world’s worst poetry…?

      I would
      If I could
      But can’t
      So I won’t

      • What excellent use of a cliche! I mean not excellent, terrible…

        I write some sometimes.
        If I have a dime’s
        Of mirth
        To spare,
        Otherwise, there
        Is mostly novel
        Writing in my hovel
        Right now.

  2. Hi again. It’s been a while. Nice to see you back and this is a sentiment I share totally.

    • Hi Talia. It’s great to be back in the blogosphere again. My son used up my monthly data allowance in about two days. So, soon-ish, I will be able to write a whole post, not just a title. 🙂

  3. Gillian

    Pleased that you’re back, have missed your posts.

    I love spring too, unfortunately it is fall here and although that is colourful it also is the harbinger of winter-think snow.

    Take care, Gillian

  4. Hey Lisa!

    I’ve been very inactive after my marriage. Opened my blog and looked at your logo. Wanted to say HI

    Surprised that you’ve been busy too. How is your book doing?

  5. when will you be back? anyway like you I also love spring like a new morning!

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