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Is it wrong to blame the horse?

I haven’t got as much writing done as I wanted to lately. Despite being prepared. A schedule was pinned up above my computer with an easy to understand time line for my editing, I had ample coffee, snacks, even organised the odd sleepover for my son, but then the horse arrived.

The horse is cute. A paint mare, who my neighbour suspects is pregnant – aw, even cuter. Her name is Lady Ga Ga. She is doing a champion job of mowing my lawn, and I’m filled to the brim with gratitude that I don’t have to be out there in the forty degrees heat cutting it myself.

In theory, this horse should be low maintenance. But I can’t help feel that she’d like an apple [she came inside the house on the weekend and took one herself], or to have her mane plaited. And I have to check that she has enough water, hay, love, pats.

Anyway, that’s my excuse. Not enough writing. Too much horse adoration.

But there’s always an excuse for not writing, isn’t there?

What’s yours today?



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Aspiring authors; make a pact.

I was visiting Ollin’s site, Courage to Create this morning, and remembered an important part of my journey towards publication. It happened a long time ago, took seconds, but I suspect it was a pivotal moment.

I’d joined a writing group. I think there were about ten of us; all keen and excited to be working on our manuscripts, looking for useful advice and hopefully some positive feedback and encouragement.

Slowly, the numbers dwindled.  Some left after a rejection from a publisher. Or because life can get hectic and writing can start to look like a self-indulgent hobby. For all kinds of reasons.

In the end, it was just me, and Stephen.  We were both passionate about writing, absolutely determined in our desire to improve our work and stubbornly fixed in our quest to find a publisher.  Over a glass of red wine one night we shook hands and made a pact.

To never quit. Not ever.

Not when the rejection letter came in. Not when we couldn’t see a way to write the ending or improve one of the sagging chapters in the middle.  Not when we read a brilliant book and feared we’d never be good enough to scrape the mud from this author’s boots.

We sent each other interesting articles on writing. {Thank you Ste for the McKee book} We commiserated when we got rejected. And celebrated the wins. We gave each other stern talkings-to if one of us wavered and wanted to quit.

And we did it.

The books we were originally working on when we met were put aside and we started new ones. We were working at different speeds, trying different approaches, contacting different publishers, writing different genres, but somehow, in a weird twist of fate, we somehow managed to have our novels come out in exactly the same month: June this year.

So, here’s my question, writing friends; who can you make a pact with? If no one comes to mind, then perhaps it’s time to reach out and find some like-minded literary types to connect with.

Then, once you have your buddy ready….

… just hold out your hand [virtually is fine too] and shake hands, and make the same pact Stephen and I did all those years ago.

To never quit. Not ever.

I wish you all success and joy along the way.




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They either love you, or teach you.

This is a simple statement of gratitude to everyone who has ever walked into my life.

Whether you were the kind soul who offered your seat when I was hugely pregnant. Or changed my tyre on that scary bend in the road. You brave thing. Or the one who shared a laugh with me waiting in line at the  supermarket the other day. Or perhaps you cut me off in traffic. Or broke into my car to steal that packet of chewing gum (sorry there wasn’t much worth taking}.

You might have taught me how to look both ways, or lock the car. You might have taught me patience. Or how to kiss or cook. You might have made me cry, or swear, or sigh or laugh. You might have inspired a lot of love in me.

Recently, someone taught me to trust my intuition. And for that, I’m grateful.

So no matter who you are. Whether you came into my life for seconds, minutes, months or years, I am truly grateful.

You either gave me love. Thank you.

Or taught me something. Thank you.

Or perhaps both.

Once again, thank you.

[My new manuscript is calling to me and I can’t ignore it anymore, so I will have to cut back on the blogging a little, for a while. Love to you all.]

{Writers can appreciate everyone, especially those that hurt us; they make for fascinating character studies. The question to ask: what would make someone behave in that manner? Hmmmm, thinking, thinking…}


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Fifty posts later…

Originally, I didn’t think I had anything to write about on a blog. What was there left to express that I didn’t already share with friends or write in my book?

Granted a few, alright a substantial amount, of these posts have been trivia. The world wouldn’t be deprived without them and neither would I.

But time has winged it and this is my 50th post. Yay!! And what better way to celebrate than with an award?

Thanks jingle

So most importantly, thank you jingle for the lovely sparkly spotlight award. Here are the rules [which I won’t enforce because I loathe telling anyone what to do, but feel free to follow them if your heart desires it so]:

The Rules of Acceptance:

1. Thank those who loved you enough to bestow this gift.
2. Share seven (7) things about yourself.
3. Bestow this honor onto 10 newly discovered or followed bloggers–in no particular order–who are fantastic in some way.
4. Drop by and let 10 chosen friends know you love them.

I’ve already bored you all with 7 details but here are three more:

1. I am addicted to creating theories. Most of them are ridiculous, like my theory that you get wetter running in the rain, rather than walking.  And that there is one earth per person. Yes, lots of earths out there. Billions. But it means you have the power to change more than you think.

2. I am often wrong.

3. I don’t mind being wrong, because it gives me the opportunity to come up with another theory. Or at least apologize.

Here are ten bloggers who deserve recognition.

# Weird things are happening today. Very weird. I posted a list of wonderful blogs here. But when I hit the “publish” button, they all disappeared, except for the lovely Amanda’s blog. Why? What happened to them…?

Anyway, I need to go and make a coffee. Grrrr. Very annoying.

Looking on the bright side, I let everyone know that they’d been awarded, so just help yourself to the award and perhaps put a comment below so people can find your blog. I will re-post then. But not now. Later….











Love and sparkly blessings to you all. [Yay, I finally got around to putting them all up!! No longer slack blogger!]

X Lisa

ps. Anyone else getting extra serves of weirdness today, or is it just me?


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I should be writing about writing but life keeps getting in my way

Sometimes I write a post and worry that it doesn’t have much to do with writing, books or reading, which was the reason I started a blog in the first place.

I’ll find myself staring at a post about the colour pink, or fruit, wondering if  should hit the “publish” button or simply trash it, wondering if I’ve gone completely off the track again.

My excuse was life. How can I write about writing, when my heart is broken? Or how can I write about writing when I’m so excited about an epiphany I just experienced about decisions?  Cold Melbourne life had me posting about desert islands.  I had a few weeks happily distracting myself in the search for the mystery editor (at least that kind of was on the literary track}.

But ultimately, I guess writers record life. It’s our job. We can’t help but get tangled up in the mess of life and then feel compelled to express it in some way. We make sense of the world through our words, or at least try to.

And who knows, perhaps life is making us better writers.

I’d like to think so.

[I love reading your blogs. Thank you to the ones who stay on track. Thank you to the ones who wander off.]


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Slack Blogger Award

There are so many lovely awards out there. And the odd quirky one too. But today I am awarding myself the Slack Blogger Award.

Let’s face it, I deserve this one. I have neglected my online writing lately [although done heaps on the novel]. I am so slack that I am not even going to design the award badge. Nope, I am just going to imagine it.

And instead of giving myself a hard time about it, I will embrace it. Accept my laziness. Because I think we can only change what we don’t fight. Fighting a quality we don’t like only tends to hold it more firmly in place.

So, here’s what I accept about myself today:

1. I have a chocolate addiction. I manage to abstain for long periods but people always seem to offer me some and I can’t say, “no.”

2. I say whatever is on my mind without thinking, but rarely, “no”.

3. Sometimes I unplug the phone and pretend I’m not home.

4. The used teabags occasionally end up in the bin, instead of the compost, especially when it’s nighttime and the compost bin needs emptying and I’m too lazy/scared to go tramping into the garden at night.

There’s more, but I’ll leave it there, because I’m too slack to write them down. And I accept that.

What one flaw will you embrace about yourself today, without judgment, without guilt? Oh, and please feel free to accept the Slack Blogger award if you feel you deserve it.

X Lisa


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Raise your hand if you enjoy self-promotion

I remember the moment when I decided to write a book. Newly pregnant, and feeling creative, I began jotting down ideas in an old page-a-day diary. When I finished the manuscript, I put it aside for a while, and realised after a re-read, that it was rubbish. Sigh.

When baby arrived, the greatest challenge while working on the second manuscript, was battling tiredness and trying to squeeze in time to write during naps, without feeling too  guilty that the housework wasn’t getting done. After the last word was written, I sadly had to admit that it was rubbish too, like the first. So I stored them together where they keep each other dusty company.

The challenge with the third manuscript was the ending; getting it right. There were times when I felt like my brain had evaporated into the sky and I was left sitting there, in front of the screen, an empty shell trying to think with my fingers. But miracle of miracles, I managed to get it finished.

So, the next challenge was finding a publisher. Scary, scary, scary. Sending it out, waiting for a reply – snore – getting knocked back after a year’s journey of “almost accepted”.  Trying again.

With a heck of a lot of luck, I was finally accepted.

I wasn’t naive enough to imagine that I could now sit back and relax.  But the thought of promoting myself was scarier than sending out the manuscript in the first place. Not that I’m shy; far from it. I’m happy to step onto a stage, I’ll easily chat with a group of strangers, but selling myself and the book in the process, well, that had my knees knocking.

The publisher does most of the hard work, but they took a risk on me and I want to help them.  My biggest fear was that they’d regret taking me on. Ah, the insecurities of a writer!

So, how do you feel about promoting yourself? Easy? Terrifying?Any tips?

I found a great little article (link below) thanks to John Kremer, who you can find here:

May we all be courageous, despite knocking knees.


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