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The soundtrack

I had a lot of fun chatting with Robyn Hodge and Bernard Ryan from The Blurb radio  show on Tuesday.

They asked a lot of great questions, but one in particular really stayed with me and required a fair bit of thought.

If Milk Fever had a soundtrack, what would it be?


After some serious thought, this is what I’ve come up with:

For Julia

Rimsky Korsakov – Scheherazade

Visnja – Dishes and Coffee

Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake

For Tom

Cold Play – Yellow

Beatles – Hey Jude

John Mayer – Bigger Than My Body

So, folks, when you consider your work in progress/ novel/ manuscript what soundtrack does it have?



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The perils and perks of being a Pisces

I posted this morning about love and poetry, and then half an hour later I changed my mind and trashed it. I couldn’t help it, my mind was radically shifted after reading Ollin’s latest post. I no longer believed what I had written earlier.

It happens all the time. I hold strong viewpoints, sometimes for as long as half a day. I can be persuaded to change my opinion on just about any topic and then change it back again after someone else offers another angle. I’m easily duped because I believe in the possibility of anything. And really anything is possible. [This is good news, Ms Ruby. Love is possible again. Sorry your comment got deleted with the earlier post btw.]

Rigidity is for people with stiff necks. Or perhaps rigidity causes stiff necks. Who knows. All I know is I believe in love again. I believe in the possibility of everything. Well for the next half hour or so.

Einstein expressed it beautifully (and he was a Pisces} when he said, “There are two ways to live your life; one is as though nothing is a miracle, and the other is as though everything is a miracle”.

So, after trashing the love and poetry post this morning, I started to feel guilty about people missing out on these links, so I’ve put them back again.

Poem can be found here:

Ollin’s inspiring post is here:

Love and miracles to you all.




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The Bad Poets’ Society

Despite lots of encouragement, and some late-night, red-wine-fuelled writing attempts, I have come to the realisation that I really do suck at poetry. But you know what? I am not disheartened. I am not going to feel sorry for myself.

Because I have decided to start up a club. [Perhaps just for this week, because I don’t like my chances of sustaining anything that I’m crap at.] A special society for  Bad Poets.

Why not?

I would like to officially open this club with a little poem.


[That wasn’t part of the poem btw]

Ode to Dots

When I stop thinking

I am nothing

Just a dot

That loves pink

Occasionally pulses

And in the morning

Needs coffee.

Well folks, that’s about as good as it gets.  Feel free to add your own poem, or a link to your blog if you’re one of those smarty-pants-poetry-is-second-nature-to-me types and want to make the society members jealous.

Bad poets around the world unite!!

X Lisa

ps. Can I be president please? Now that we’ve got a female PM down under, I think it only fitting.


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