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Sunshine and getting tagged.

It didn’t matter that it was raining this morning (Spring, you missed your cue}. Didn’t matter that the dishes from last night were still waiting for me on the sink, or that the dog put her muddy paw prints all over the floor.

Because inside, I’m sunshine.

And no amount of rainclouds or mud will dampen my spirits today.

Also, the lovely Leslie from Coffee, Pearls and Grace tagged me with some questions:

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

To turn water into wine. Or coal into diamonds. Basically to transform objects. Hey, I’d be a transformer, without the clunky wheels and butch engines though.

Who is your style icon?

Probably Cate Blanchett. I love her elegance and simple style of beauty.

What is your favorite quote?

I have hundreds of them. But recently: “For whatsoever from one place doth fall, Is with the tide unto an other brought: For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.” — Edmund Spenser

What is the best compliment you ever received?

I can’t really think of anything specific. But someone recently emailed me to tell me that Milk Fever was their all time favourite book. That gave me a very warm glow inside.

What playlist/CD is in your CD player/playing right now?

Maxwell – Black summers night is my current favourite.

Are you a night owl or morning person?

Night owl. Definitely. Although due to the weekly school run, I can’t stay up as late as I’d like to anymore. So I have been forced into a better balance. Left to my natural rhythm though, I’d go to bed at 3 and wake up at 11. Lovely.

Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Can’t I have one of each? No? Well, in that case, dogs. Cats don’t need me anyway.

What is the meaning behind your blog name.

It’s the title of my debut novel, Milk Fever. The condition is something cows get when birthing and calcium levels in the blood drop dangerously low. It makes an appearance in the book.
So, now  I need to nominate two other bloggers to tag.

1. shylockbooks.

2. jpcabit.

Enjoy your inner sunshine folks.



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What is the most ridiculous number?

Answer: your age. Seriously, how many decisions do you make with that number echoing inside your head? Too old to take up an instrument? Or study? Or have a change of career? Too young to marry? Or settle down?

Once you hit 18 it’s time to throw that number away. Once you hit 18 you’re a grown up and your life is your own.

Change career. Move. Study medicine. Or archaeology. Write a book. Paint. Travel. Take up violin. Fall in love. Learn to ski/tango/meditate/fly/sing.

Do whatever you passionately want to do. Forget your age. It’s just a very silly number. A ridiculous number. An excuse.

There are no limits to who you can be unless you make it so.


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Invent a theory day

Theories are not just the domain of scientists and philosophers, anyone can create one. In fact, I recommend coming up with a spectacular or ridiculous theory every day.

It’s fun. It’s free. And it stimulates your mind and heart to come up with creative ideas for seeing life.

Jpcabit thought my theory on many earths, which I shared on my “50 posts later post”, was a little OTT.

Let me explain it here, in more detail. Deep breath. Thinking cap on.

Right. Here goes: Let’s just say that there are many ways of feeling life. My way is different to your way. Also, we only use a very small percentage of our brains, which really opens up billions of portals just there for other ways of experiencing life. We are basically just energy. And this world is perceived through our senses, which perceive energy. So matter is a bit of an illusion. And really [she’s faltering here…] consider how many varying ways there are of looking at life. Aren’t we just like sophisticated holograms?

Perhaps it’s a dimensional thing.

Okaaaay, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s the exciting thing about some theories, I guess, they only work in your head and then as soon as you share them with someone else you can see that there might be one or two insy-winsy flaws.

But then you can simply think of another one.

So, come up with a theory today. Make it silly. What’s your theory on why men won’t look at the instuctions for IKEA furniture and wonder why they have bolts left over?

Why does the bus arrive when you light a cigarette? As a non-smoker my theory is because some higher power is looking after your health, buddy.

Why do I feel compelled to share ridiculous ideas on my blog….?


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Slack Blogger Award

There are so many lovely awards out there. And the odd quirky one too. But today I am awarding myself the Slack Blogger Award.

Let’s face it, I deserve this one. I have neglected my online writing lately [although done heaps on the novel]. I am so slack that I am not even going to design the award badge. Nope, I am just going to imagine it.

And instead of giving myself a hard time about it, I will embrace it. Accept my laziness. Because I think we can only change what we don’t fight. Fighting a quality we don’t like only tends to hold it more firmly in place.

So, here’s what I accept about myself today:

1. I have a chocolate addiction. I manage to abstain for long periods but people always seem to offer me some and I can’t say, “no.”

2. I say whatever is on my mind without thinking, but rarely, “no”.

3. Sometimes I unplug the phone and pretend I’m not home.

4. The used teabags occasionally end up in the bin, instead of the compost, especially when it’s nighttime and the compost bin needs emptying and I’m too lazy/scared to go tramping into the garden at night.

There’s more, but I’ll leave it there, because I’m too slack to write them down. And I accept that.

What one flaw will you embrace about yourself today, without judgment, without guilt? Oh, and please feel free to accept the Slack Blogger award if you feel you deserve it.

X Lisa


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Apologies to the New Romantic who is probaby scratching his head over my recent comment

I got ahead of myself again.  New Romantics was not a clue,  although I rather enjoyed reading the blogs in that section.

No, it seems I was in the right place all along: writing.

If anyone can help in the search I’d be very grateful.  I’m looking for a blog somewhere in the Writing section with correct grammar, punctuation, elegant prose, quite possibly discussing the process of editing.  There might be a mention of kale in there too.

Not much to go on, I know, but the other clue is it’s a fairly recent blog.  Started this month.

With breadcrumbs in hand, I wander forth… again.


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By jove, I think she’s done it!!

Wow, I think I’ve found him; the mysterious editor.

I was given the clue, ‘new romantics’ – an interesting group  and well worth perusing by the way, when I stumbled across a blog that I think belongs to Mr A.

I left a note on his blog (and an apology, in case I got it wrong) but I’m about 98% sure I’m right.

And you have to come clean if I’m right, buddy!

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I will leave a trail behind me

It just occurred to me that if I leave a comment on every blog I visit, it will provide a trail for me, like bread crumbs through the forest, until I discover the editor’s hiding place.

I feel ever so slightly nervous about announcing the identity of the mystery editor/ blogger, just in case I get it wrong.

So far, I have three blogs I think might be his, but need more clues…

That’s a hint, A.

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