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Nobody Home

Recently, I’ve been discussing the habit we (most of us) have of abandoning ourselves. In Pilates class I encourage people to bring their focus back to the body. Usually, I talk about muscles, bones, movement and breath. But lately, I’ve been wanting to go deeper, to increase awareness of the energy that animates us. The subtle force that directs our thoughts, emotions and actions. It can’t be seen on an X-Ray, but it is as important as the skeleton that holds us upright. Let’s call it energy.

In our busy lives, our energy often leaves our bodies and flows to whatever we’re thinking about: dinner, bills, work, the economy, the Tony Abbott rants on our Facebook feed. We give our energy away to so many unworthy causes. And while we’re thinking about the many things that anger us, depress us, stress us out, our shoulders are tensing, our stomachs are knotting, our cortisol levels rise. We overeat or drink too much, we accidentally hurt ourselves, forget appointments, don’t really listen when someone we love is talking to us. That’s because we’re an empty shell. No one is home.

You deserve your own energy, love and attention. Listen to your own inner voice rather than the 6 O’clock News. Trust yourself rather than the latest from Social Media. Even if it’s just for today, be there for you. Take a breath in. Take a slow breath out. Forget about the world around you for a moment. And feel the energy in your own body. Come home to yourself. You need you more than anyone else does.





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Full of it.

I haven’t blogged for ages. For some reason, I thought I had to blog about writing, although I haven’t always blogged about writing. I’ve blogged about the colour pink, and the difference between apples and pomegranates.

But there are people out there in the blog-o-sphere who know a hell of a lot more about the craft of writing than I do, and so I think I should let them educate/stimulate readers and I can concentrate on something else.

Life. That’s what I’m an expert on. I’ve experienced it every day. Without exception. I’m full of it and it follows me around like I’m some kind of guru. Everywhere I go, there it is. Provoking me, confusing me, loving me, or irritating the bleep out of me.

Life. Life. Life.

You’re an expert too. You are a life-liver. Reluctantly or with enthusiasm. It keeps happening to both of us. All of us.

That’s what I’d like to blog about.

[imagine exciting, thought-provoking life-inspiring pic here. I plan to get one….]


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This one’s for Arthorious

Fellow bloggers and bad poets, I must admit, I’ve missed you. The last post was spectacularly short thanks to the world’s slowest internet connection and a very old computer. And then there’s the new novel turning my hair grey, but a dear internet friend gave me some encouragement today and suggested I get back on here.

I made him a deal. You blog. And I will blog.

So, here’s my offering – short and sweet.

My New Year’s resolution is to start blogging again.

Love and blessings to you all, lovely people.




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Ah, spring, how I love thee.


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Mind expanding stuff

Okay, so I probably need someone to explain this in idiot terms, but the whole holographic universe is so incredibly exciting to me.

I adore potential and possibilities and adventure too, so this discovery is better than Christmas.

Have a look and see how you could reinvent your life:




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Does anyone know what we’re doing here?

Because I have no idea.

Not that it’s a bad thing.

Just strange.

When you think about it.


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Thank you – I have enough now

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I love the lights, the decorated trees, the food, the giving and sharing, the sparkly cards. I’ll be out there Christmas Eve, in the back garden marking out the landing strip for the reindeer. Water and carrots for those hard working little darlings. Glass of milk and a piece of cake for Santa.I’ll spend hours in the shops trying to find nice presents for those I love.

But as I look around my house, and in my wardrobes full of shoes and dresses, at all the books, and appliances, and…well, stuff. I know that I have enough now, maybe not as much as my neighbour, or best friend, or the lady in line next to me at the supermarket. But I certainly have enough for me.

I’m grateful. I know I’m blessed.

And now that I have enough I realise that it’s time to give.

Give to those close to home and those far away.

Because there is a special joy in giving that receiving can’t touch.

The Joy of Giving

What simple things at Christmas time bring you the most joy?

For me, it’s that quiet part of Christmas Eve, after the church service, back home, with my son sleeping soundly, the gifts wrapped and under the tree, the dog curled up on her bed. A deep peace fills me then.

I wish everyone love in abundance. And I pray that, one day soon, every person on this precious planet will have enough.




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