Summer 2010

Phillip Island

Born in London, Lisa Reece-Lane moved with her family to Australia and eventually settled in Melbourne.
Lisa had a love of music from an early age and studied at the

Victorian College of the Arts and later at Sweelink Conservatoire in Amsterdam, Holland.

She played with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and other orchestras here and overseas.

When she got pregnant, she mistakenly thought she’d have lots of spare time

Milk Fever launch

on her hands, and decided to start writing.
Milk Fever is the result.

The first chapter won a prize in the Herald Sun short story competition, then titled, The Back Paddock.
An early draft won a mentorship through the Victorian Writers’ Centre with Clare Forster (Penguin).

Lisa lives in Melbourne with her son, the world’s most beautiful hound dog, a cat (who insists on sitting on her lap, while she’s trying to blog; hence the typos) and way too many possums.  When she’s not blogging, fixing cat typos, running with the hound, or working on the new novel, she teaches Pilates.


25 responses to “Lisa

  1. Ooh, I see Melbourne! We have a commonality–besides writing, of course.
    By the way, the weather is gorgeous today, ain’t it Lisa 😉
    Interesting blog.


    • So warm and gentle at the moment. And how about the trees? The colours are magnificent. One big wind will have them off the trees, of course, and winter is almost upon us, but yes, today is perfect.
      x Lisa

  2. Claire

    Hi, Lisa! Nice to “meet” you (you left a comment on my blog and I was intrigued by “milkfever” as a name). Your book sounds wonderful!

  3. Hey Lisa! The interview is up!

  4. What an interesting life you must have.

    From interesting lives are born interesting writers, eh?

    • Thank you, jpcabit. I wonder if there is any such thing as a boring life though, if viewed through the right eyes. All of life is pretty fascinating. Come on, admit it, your life is amazing!
      x Lisa

      • You’re right, my life is amazing.

        I’d love to hear some day about how you got your novel published. I’m trying to get mine into print, and it’s proving to be very patience-building. I’ve gotten as far as querying agents, but no positive responses yet.

        Any tips/advice/encouraging-but-bad-poems?

      • It’s tough. And I suspect it might be even harder in America where you need to find an agent first. But being a pink-loving-optimist, I also believe in miracles. Have you been working on the inner game of getting published? For example, what are your fears of being successful? [Everyone has them, if they are honest with themselves.]

        What happened the last time you were successful? (this might go back as far as school, btw) Were people jealous? Did you lose your sense of freedom? Did others resent you?

        At first, when I did this exercise, I thought that I had no emotional charge on this topic, but when I went deeper, I remembered an event that made me cautious about getting too passionate about writing. Someone I greatly admired, a man in one of the best orchestras in the world (at a time when I thought music was the reason for my existence) confessed that he was sick of playing in the orchestra, and if he had to play Beethoven’s 9th one more time, he’d go mad. It quite devastated me at the time, and I made a silent vow that I would quit before I ever felt that way. I had forgotten all about it, but it held me back with my writing, because I didn’t want to lose the love of creativity.

        Sorry, that’s a long rambling answer, but my point is this; if you are doing everything right, ie producing quality writing (and you have no problems there, my friend), redrafting and editing it to as high a standard as you can, approaching agents/ publishers, taking on any appropriate advice, and still not getting anywhere, then I would suggest that there is a subconscious block in the way.
        And then it’s time to do some investigating!!

      • Thanks Lisa! Yes it has proven to be very tough so far. Suppose I’ll keep waiting though, and, like you did, just keep working on something else to keep my creative genius alive 🙂

  5. Lulu

    whoa! I salute your passion in writing.
    You are such an inspiration!

  6. Eva

    Hey – congratulations on your award from the fallen monkey 🙂 (Doesn’t seem to be the first one either.)
    Good luck on your publication as well.

    Anyway, love the way you write and will pop by more often. Best of luck and greetings from Berlin, Eva

  7. sharlene

    Hi Lisa,
    I enjoyed your blog pages and inspired by your passion. The world is avery funny place…

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  9. I’m very worried. You haven’t posted for nearly a month and I haven’t heard a peep outta you.
    I’m taking this is a terrific sign that you are tit-deep in writing and you possibly cannot stop for such paltry things as your blog or others’ blogs. But I just want you to know that I hope you are okay. x

    • Sweet girl, thanks for caring. I must admit I’ve been slack as far as the blogging goes but absolutely flat out on the new novel. And what is really weird, is that all of the stuff I’m inflicting on the main character seems to be happening in my own life. Hmmm, must ensure happy ending….

  10. RealizeBeautyEd

    Hi Lisa, I would like to use a comment that you left on my blog last year in a book and need to discuss details with you. Can you e-mail me your details and I’ll send you more about what’s going on? Thank you.

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