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Sunshine and getting tagged.

It didn’t matter that it was raining this morning (Spring, you missed your cue}. Didn’t matter that the dishes from last night were still waiting for me on the sink, or that the dog put her muddy paw prints all over the floor.

Because inside, I’m sunshine.

And no amount of rainclouds or mud will dampen my spirits today.

Also, the lovely Leslie from Coffee, Pearls and Grace tagged me with some questions:

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

To turn water into wine. Or coal into diamonds. Basically to transform objects. Hey, I’d be a transformer, without the clunky wheels and butch engines though.

Who is your style icon?

Probably Cate Blanchett. I love her elegance and simple style of beauty.

What is your favorite quote?

I have hundreds of them. But recently: “For whatsoever from one place doth fall, Is with the tide unto an other brought: For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.” — Edmund Spenser

What is the best compliment you ever received?

I can’t really think of anything specific. But someone recently emailed me to tell me that Milk Fever was their all time favourite book. That gave me a very warm glow inside.

What playlist/CD is in your CD player/playing right now?

Maxwell – Black summers night is my current favourite.

Are you a night owl or morning person?

Night owl. Definitely. Although due to the weekly school run, I can’t stay up as late as I’d like to anymore. So I have been forced into a better balance. Left to my natural rhythm though, I’d go to bed at 3 and wake up at 11. Lovely.

Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Can’t I have one of each? No? Well, in that case, dogs. Cats don’t need me anyway.

What is the meaning behind your blog name.

It’s the title of my debut novel, Milk Fever. The condition is something cows get when birthing and calcium levels in the blood drop dangerously low. It makes an appearance in the book.
So, now  I need to nominate two other bloggers to tag.

1. shylockbooks.

2. jpcabit.

Enjoy your inner sunshine folks.



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The Orchestra of Life Personality Quiz

Your Unique Song.
Modern science and ancient wisdom believe that the whole universe is made up of vibrations, moving at different rates and frequencies. These vibrations create sound. All of us have a unique note, and in our interaction with others we create a multitude of different harmonies and melodies. We harmonise naturally with some people and places, and clash with others. But overall, despite the tonal clashes and dissonance, we make up one large, magnificent symphony; the kind of music that Beethoven would have been proud to compose.
Learning to express our inner note takes courage. When we are in alignment with that sound, our lives work beautifully. When we are not expressing our uniqueness, we feel the discord in our lives, even if we can’t hear it. It can cause a feeling of quiet, nagging discontent.
Often we spend years trying to sing the wrong tune or trying to sing someone else’s tune. And it never works. You are unique. There is only one soul who can sing in the way you do. You deprive the world of something precious and rare, when you are not being yourself.

Your place in the Symphony of Life
As for the larger group, take the following quiz to find out which section in the orchestra of life you’d most likely be found playing in.

1 If you were to imagine your ideal work environment, it would have to:
a Make you feel appreciated and part of a team
b Allow you plenty of time and space to work on your own, and hopefully do something creative
c Offer you freedom and plenty of variety
d Let you be in charge

2 Your closest friends would probably describe you as:
a Calm and reliable
b Creative and a deep thinker
c Fun and optimistic
d Decisive and outspoken

3 During a party you’re the one:
a Making sure everyone has enough to eat and drinks are topped up
b Deep in conversation with some interesting type in the kitchen
c Trying to inspire everyone to dance or telling jokes to a captive audience
d Debating politics and rolling your eyes at the ignorance of some of the guests

4 As a child you probably:
a Helped your mum or younger siblings and tried to created harmony around you
b Had your head in a book most of the time, or lego, or some other distraction
c Had a thousand friends and made a new one wherever you went
d Instigated playground games, inspired everyone to join in, and then elected who would be in charge – you.

5 The world would be a better place if only:
a Everyone learned to get along with one another and helped each other more
b People learned to respect differences in opinion and stopped trying to change each other
c Adopted an optimistic outlook and chilled out more
d There were more capable leaders in politics

6 Your opinions are:
a. Similar to others in your life. You may agree to keep the peace or feel somehow uneasy if you contradict those you care for.
b. Deep. And rarely superficial. You enjoy delving down beyond the surface. Others sometimes wonder what you’re talking about.
c. Changeable and optimistic. You let others have their beliefs and may even change your mind when you hear the other side’s viewpoint.
d. Fixed and strongly held. You can feel angry when others disagree with your most cherished ideas.

7 If you could only be one of the following, which would you chose:
a A healer
b A philosopher
c An entertainer
d A leader

8 You’re stuck in traffic you:
a Send through a quick text to your friends to let them know you’re running late.
b Worry about whether you should pull down a side street or stay where you are.
c Traffic, what traffic? You were busy singing along to the radio.
d Get downright annoyed. What the bloody hell is the hold up?

9 A rumour about you is circulating at work you:
a Feel ill. You thought everyone liked you
b Keep your head down and pretend it never happened
c It was obviously a mistake. No big deal.
d You send a group email to nip the rumour in the bud and track down whoever is responsible for starting it in the first place.

10 If you could aspire to be like anyone on the planet you would chose:
a The Dalai Lama
b Einstein
c Madonna
d Bill Gates

Mostly A’s String section
You are reliable and dependable, and pride yourself on the fact. People are drawn to your capability and warmth. You are the first to volunteer to help. You can’t bear to see anyone hurting and try to make others feel comfortable. Many strings are found in professions like nursing, medicine, natural therapies or teaching where their calm manner is an asset. You are good at hiding your own emotions, but you’re a great listener. You avoid confrontation. When not in harmony you can be sarcastic, selfish and stubborn.

Mostly B’s Woodwinds
You are a bit of a dreamer, creative and sensitive. You think deeply and are often drawn to the arts or nature. You appreciate beauty. Like those kind-hearted folk in the string section, you can’t bear to see people suffering, but unlike the strings you tend to take on the pain yourself and therefore may need to limit your contact with other people, in order to stay balanced. Many woodwinds are found in the theatre or performing arts. Also work requiring attention to detail and an analytical approach will appeal. When not in harmony, you tend to be pessimistic, depressed and revengeful.

Mostly C’s Brass
You bring sunshine and laughter into the world. An optimist who doesn’t stay down for long. Friends are of vital importance to you, and you usually have plenty of them. You are kind and warm-hearted. You love variety and hate feeling tied down to one place or person for too long. There is something childlike about you and kids usually love you. You excel in work that requires dealing with people. Sitting in a cubicle on your own is a form of torture. And variety; you crave it. Repetition and boring tasks will drive you insane. When not in harmony, you can be emotionally unstable, unreliable and weak-willed.

Mostly D’s Percussion
You lead the way. You’re happy in charge and generally make a good leader. You’re self sufficient, dynamic and practical. You feel passionate about your causes and usually have a great amount of enthusiasm for what you believe in. You’re the best person to have around in an emergency and will often be drawn to careers where you can either lead, or work under adrenaline fuelled conditions. You thrive on opposition. When not in harmony you are often cruel, quick to anger and impatient.

An equal amount of A, B, C and D’s The conductor
Pick up the baton, take a deep breath and enjoy the music. You are a balanced soul who possesses natural creativity, leadership, team orientation and enthusiasm. People respect you. And you are often thrust into a position of leadership rather than seeking it out for yourself. You have the potential to reach the top in any field. Take a bow.

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