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It’s you, you’re missing.

What I’ve noticed lately in the “top posts” section is that there are a lot of people google-ing the following:

Something’s missing but I don’t know what it is.

I even wrote a post about it not long ago, but at the time I didn’t really have any answers. It dawned on me a few days ago that the feeling creeps into your heart when you’ve abandoned yourself.

How do you abandon yourself? By taking more interest in other people’s lives/opinion/choices than your own. When you are there for everyone else and forget your own needs. When you get busy and run around chasing goals and deadlines that have no real meaning except as a distraction from being present to yourself. When you try to escape yourself by watching hours of TV (other people’s lives again) or over-eat/drink/shop etc.

So, right now, take a breath and ask yourself the question: Where am I? Notice where your focus and thoughts are.

Chances are you’ll be far away.

Come back to yourself.

It’s you, you’re missing.

[How I came to “like” my post – it was an accident really; it was simply a matter of wondering what the “like” button does.  So, although I don’t dislike this post, I’m probably not quite as enamoured of it might seem. :-)]



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What is the most ridiculous number?

Answer: your age. Seriously, how many decisions do you make with that number echoing inside your head? Too old to take up an instrument? Or study? Or have a change of career? Too young to marry? Or settle down?

Once you hit 18 it’s time to throw that number away. Once you hit 18 you’re a grown up and your life is your own.

Change career. Move. Study medicine. Or archaeology. Write a book. Paint. Travel. Take up violin. Fall in love. Learn to ski/tango/meditate/fly/sing.

Do whatever you passionately want to do. Forget your age. It’s just a very silly number. A ridiculous number. An excuse.

There are no limits to who you can be unless you make it so.


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Invent a theory day

Theories are not just the domain of scientists and philosophers, anyone can create one. In fact, I recommend coming up with a spectacular or ridiculous theory every day.

It’s fun. It’s free. And it stimulates your mind and heart to come up with creative ideas for seeing life.

Jpcabit thought my theory on many earths, which I shared on my “50 posts later post”, was a little OTT.

Let me explain it here, in more detail. Deep breath. Thinking cap on.

Right. Here goes: Let’s just say that there are many ways of feeling life. My way is different to your way. Also, we only use a very small percentage of our brains, which really opens up billions of portals just there for other ways of experiencing life. We are basically just energy. And this world is perceived through our senses, which perceive energy. So matter is a bit of an illusion. And really [she’s faltering here…] consider how many varying ways there are of looking at life. Aren’t we just like sophisticated holograms?

Perhaps it’s a dimensional thing.

Okaaaay, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s the exciting thing about some theories, I guess, they only work in your head and then as soon as you share them with someone else you can see that there might be one or two insy-winsy flaws.

But then you can simply think of another one.

So, come up with a theory today. Make it silly. What’s your theory on why men won’t look at the instuctions for IKEA furniture and wonder why they have bolts left over?

Why does the bus arrive when you light a cigarette? As a non-smoker my theory is because some higher power is looking after your health, buddy.

Why do I feel compelled to share ridiculous ideas on my blog….?


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Why can’t you see how precious you are?

If you could see yourself through my eyes, you’d smile more. You’d have a bounce in your step, you’d laugh at the little things that went wrong in your day. You’d be kinder to yourself, you’d try new things, you wouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes or risk looking foolish.

Half of the things people said to you when you were a child were a lie. You are not stupid, or clumsy, lazy or bad. You were being manipulated into obedience, because most adults can only handle kids when they are quiet. Adults like low-maintenance.  You can’t blame them; they were stressed, these well-intentioned parents, teachers, pastors, neighbours.  They just wanted a peaceful life.


But the truth is; you were magnificent, you were filled with a sense of adventure and hope, you had dreams and planned big. You expected to master the world.  You were smart, funny, sensitive, energetic, beautiful and wise.  You still are.

You may be reading this shaking your head. Perhaps you think that I can’t possibly know you.  Perhaps you feel that you’ve got something to be ashamed of, guilty for, afraid of, enraged about, but  no one – NO ONE – here has lived a life without mistakes  and regrets.

By my calculations, 95 % of people are basically good. Sure, there are people cheating on their partners, taxes, bosses and friends.  People who need to have a good long look at where their life is going.  But dishonest behaviour stems from a terrible fear of inadequacy, a fear that needs won’t be met without theft.  Which of course, comes from the lies of childhood.

The truth is, you are as magnificent today as when you were six years old.  I can see it. I bet those who love you can see it. And if you feel like no one loves you, then start loving yourself.

No matter what you think you’ve done wrong, you are still beautiful, still worthy of love and good things.


It’s time to see how precious you are.

Click HERE if you still need convincing. [Thanks Brownpaperbaggirl for reminding me of this today.]

x Lisa


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The most important question to ask while visiting earth

Writing can be a very healing, somewhat cathartic experience; hence the popularity of blogging.  We need to get things out of us and down on paper (or on-screen) in order to make sense of them. It’s like the difference between hearing directions to a destination, as opposed to seeing the map laid out before you (if you’re auditory, rather than visual, of course, you may prefer to hear the directions.)

The past twelve months have seen my life change in quite major ways and with these changes a question has been forming in my mind.  I think it’s an important question.

Is the world hostile, or friendly?

The immediate answer most people would give is that the world is both. Sometimes friendly, sometimes not. Perhaps it depends on where you live.  Or  it might change from day-to-day. Sun shining, love blooming, birds singing or planes crashing, lovers leaving, rain pouring.

I’m not talking about people living in abject poverty, or in war zones, or in the midst of a personal tragedy, although even people here have found ways to elevate their consciousness above their cruel circumstances (truly inspiring folk), but those of us who live in a relatively wealthy country, who have fresh water at the turn of the tap, food always available, a place to sleep, friends to confide in. What world do we inhabit?

Let us consider these two worlds for a moment, because they create very different experiences:

The world is hostile. Do we think that everyone is out to get us, that we never get a break, that Life isn’t fair, that no one cares, that it’s not safe to trust anyone, that life is hard, a struggle, one thing after another?

This is a sad place to be. I’ve visited this place many times. I went there during my divorce. I went there when my health declined. When my manuscript got rejected. I wrapped this sad place around my shoulders and dragged it around after me. I experienced a true heaviness of spirit. Everything goes wrong when you believe the world is hostile. Birds still sing, but you don’t hear them. Parking places are still there, but you miss them. Friends still love you, but you might not feel it.

stock photo Left behind

The world is friendly: Do we give and receive smiles easily, appreciate the simple things in life, notice beauty in our surroundings, make time to spend with the people we love, believe that everything happens for a good reason, treat ourselves with kindness and compassion?

This is heaven, this place; it can be worn as easily and lightly as Summer. I visited here after I got sick and tired of the other hostile world. I heard the birds singing, opportunities came to me without trying, I found the car parks, fell in love with everyone I encountered.

stock photo Bunch Of Roses

It started with a decision one day. With the question; is this place hostile or friendly?  I realised that life was a choice I had to make, it was not something that happened randomly to me. I made no conscious external changes (although they occurred without trying) but I did make a huge internal adjustment.  And that made all the difference.

I wish you all a friendly world.


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Should I be me or pretend to be someone better?

Milk Fever tiptoed into the book stores on Tuesday, and I thought long and hard about what image (or brand) I needed to project as a writer (many people have told me I need an image).

Right, an image.  I should probably try to look intellectual. [No more pink; my favourite colour].  Perhaps I should dye my blonde hair too?  My best friend claims to feel smarter now that she is a brunette.  Or do people just treat her differently? Not sure. I might experiment with that one.

My biggest fear is that I will say something ridiculous.  I am a blurter, you see.  I say whatever thought drops into my head in the moment, without censoring. I was born without the censoring chip.

Well, here is the list so far:

1. Dye blonde hair dark, people will assume I’m an intellectual.

2. Glasses?

3. Wear black more often, ditch the pink stuff.  Fortunately, I have a sleek looking black dress for the launch, although that leads me to number 4…

4. Observe a strict two glass limit on champagne in order to lessen blurting tendency. [I’m quite likely to blurt out things like, I love you, I don’t want to, Let’s go for it, That looks horrible etc. These are the mild ones.]

5. Do not engage in political conversations with anyone, ever, because this is an area where I can really show my ignorance. Stick to the weather.

6. Do not do a book reading when nervous, because nerves can make me dyslexic.

It’s not an inspiring list. I don’t feel like doing a happy dance when I read it. Although, it will probably keep me out of trouble. It’s what a lot of authors are, naturally, without trying.

Let’s see how I go.


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Crying my eyes out

Well, I just love the way Life gives you exactly what you need in each moment. Just went for a visit to Shylockbooks blog and discovered the most beautiful video.  I’m still recovering.

It proves something I’ve long believed; music is not to be listened to with the ears, it should be absorbed by the body, invited into every space between the cells and there vibrate through our entire being until we are one with it.

Music  is our fundamental structure.  The body is dead matter without it.

Anyway here’s the link:  http://shylockbooks.wordpress.com

You’ll need tissues.


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