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Nobody Home

Recently, I’ve been discussing the habit we (most of us) have of abandoning ourselves. In Pilates class I encourage people to bring their focus back to the body. Usually, I talk about muscles, bones, movement and breath. But lately, I’ve been wanting to go deeper, to increase awareness of the energy that animates us. The subtle force that directs our thoughts, emotions and actions. It can’t be seen on an X-Ray, but it is as important as the skeleton that holds us upright. Let’s call it energy.

In our busy lives, our energy often leaves our bodies and flows to whatever we’re thinking about: dinner, bills, work, the economy, the Tony Abbott rants on our Facebook feed. We give our energy away to so many unworthy causes. And while we’re thinking about the many things that anger us, depress us, stress us out, our shoulders are tensing, our stomachs are knotting, our cortisol levels rise. We overeat or drink too much, we accidentally hurt ourselves, forget appointments, don’t really listen when someone we love is talking to us. That’s because we’re an empty shell. No one is home.

You deserve your own energy, love and attention. Listen to your own inner voice rather than the 6 O’clock News. Trust yourself rather than the latest from Social Media. Even if it’s just for today, be there for you. Take a breath in. Take a slow breath out. Forget about the world around you for a moment. And feel the energy in your own body. Come home to yourself. You need you more than anyone else does.





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